Archive | May 28, 2010

… bs grades

No picture. why? Cause I’m not happy.
Apparently my grades for classes were inputed in the credit/no credit way so now all .. yes all… the classes I took this past semester only gave me credit. Meaning! I worked my butt off for the As for nothing. Actually.. for Cs! Cause thats what it seemed like I got. And not I have to try to get credit one way or another. I will. Why? Because I worked and payed for those classes and I want what I deserve. Yes. I said it. I want what I deserve!!!!!!!

…I feel a bit better now. Too bad this is my fault -.- I didn’t know what I picked when I chose classes. And my bro told me to pick them.
But I can’t blame it on my bro, so… instead of blaming him. Or myself. I’m jsut gonna change it.

Like I said to someone, I don’t want answers. I just want change.


Why memory lane?


I was cleaning and I found my brother’s pair of 3D glasses!
So I decided to put them on xD Man.. these glasses make my face look small~ lol~

I still don’t like my bangs. I’m trying to work with them but.. eh.. I’m just waiting for it to grow out just a little bit more so I can make it the wispy type I like.

Ah so I had a weird dream last night… if I analyze it… I don’t like I like it. but maybe I’m just over analyzing. It invovled my family for once and I can’t believe that xD Cause I don’t dream about people I know too often, it’s usually just me and some random person if there is any other people at all. Lately it’s actually been people I know… weird. Or maybe I was weird before? and this is normal? xD maybe!

So I woke p to Kasuki calling me. yea… thanks. -.-;; Actually! I’m glad I woke up at that time, it felt nice.
But I ended up looking through my senior yearbook again. Cause last night I read over my journal entries (yea my paper journal) and it brought up good and bad memories. What I love about writing these blog posts and journal entries is that when I re read them I can easily remember how I felt back then. So like a little.. time stamp. A system recovery point? Oh I wish. (now i’m just babbling)

Anyways! I was looking through my yearbook and… I wish I did more. you know? I was in the backgronud so much.. unlike now. Now.. I broke free. Maybe I should’ve done that in HS? Maybe. I have… 2 ‘regrets’ . two things I wish I did. One differently, and the other I wish I just.. DID.
Then again, I may not be who I am today sooo… I’m glad. in a way xD I wish I could just make another save file and try out the other option though!

I think I should go get in contact with some of my hs friends. Gotta fill summer one way or another right? Cause apparently… people are too busy, too far away, or just… not avaliable. oh well.

Memory lane… you know what. I want to… make the most out of these next few years… time to do something more! Something… different~
now where did I put that list of resolutions……..