Archive | May 23, 2010

Got grounded?


This was a pic I took when… I got my bangs cut! I looked pretty bad so there’s something shiny there to distract your eyes~ xP

Anyhow today was such a… boring day. Woke up at noon. Showered. Ate Pho.
Watched Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. It’s an okay movie.
Then I watched some coffee Prince.
Played ALOT of Kingdom Heros. Which is in Closed beta but omgsh I’m just a bit addicted to it -.-;;
Watched a few episodes of Charmed while trying to do some cosplay. Which I didn’t get much done.. yet. I still have a few hours to try to get something done.

Oh! Apparently my mom and grandma are going somewhere for a family reunion. And.. so… during the time they’re gone I’m grounded.
See.. I don’t use that word alot “grounded” cause I never do get grounded. But in this instance I am. Not for doing anything bad. I just.. am.
Now I’m also not complaining about it because I get an excuse to stay home and work on cosplay all day!
But you know when your parents tell you to do something and it makes you not want to do it? Yea.
Still. I think this is a good opportunity for me ^-^
Now when will this be? Not sure xD But I doubt anything will change~ lol

So! I shall go eat more Pho. Have more bbq buns. And.. drink water.