Archive | February 12, 2009

Eating too much T.T


And you wonder why many people in America are labeled obese T.T;; Cause fries tempt people!!! I ate so much T.T MY grandma always makes SOOO much! Like she fries them and salt them herself. And I want to eat them to make her feel better cause she always spends time doing it.

So I ate lots. T.T gotta go do some exercise later~ After I Write this one paper and sketch out some ideas before I forget!! >.<;

Though now I’m  full..fries really get you full..


Eupie cosplay work~


So here’s what I kinda got? I tried ironing the pertticoat out so it’ll be straighter rather than the wrinklies lines all over it. Which you can’t really see here because I tried covring it up with the pink XD But actually I was just seeing if I had enough pink ffabric..

I’m really happy I got my Euphie Cosplay on way tohugh!!! <33

This actually reminds me oft he other dress I Have XDD Funnn…
So what I need to get for the rest of this cosplay is..

1.White fabric to cover the petticoat and for the top arm things.
2. Silk flowers to put onto the dress and neck part. Have to buy more than 4 though so I have extras just in case!
3. I have red fabric already but just needa make sure it works with it
4. wig
5. Pink heels. Comfy Yet tall. (This dress I needa be taller, I think it’ll llook right then..)

Thats just about it… just gotta sew it all together!!! Gonna funally put my interfacing to work XD Gotta make it PERFECT! ^-^;;