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Lucky neee~~~ He got cut and cleaned so I let him in the house for awhile  ^-^ All he did was relaly sleep XD;; And follow me! <3 I love it when he follows me aorund! Though I don’t like it when he tries to go into the bathroom with me XDDD

Today was my.. do nothing day. I did lots of tutoring time at school and I’m tired today >.<;; Good news is that I think I actually got straight A’s o.o;; surprising. I haven’t gotten straight A’s since like.. middle school XDD

Then again I learned how all my classes are like… They are easy to figure out.

Lets see… I’ve been playing lots of pokemon. And I’m really excited for the weekend! I get to look…really different for once~ heh. I love dressing up XD

though I’m tired… I’ll go to sleep early… >.<;;


School yay? – music


So I was at school.. bleh all over again XD;;
Though one thing made me happy…
An old band member told me to come back to band XD I was like.. yay~
Cause face it… I was suppose to be captain of flutes!! And like… all the flutes want me to come back XD Cause the current captain… well I guess people don’t think she’s so good. And really.. I dunno. Never heard her play XD She seems more of the type to joke around than to actually play.

And that also makes me sad… that I could’ve stayed and been there for the better… why not? One big regret in life. Good thing is that I get to do cosplay! So I’m sticking to that.

Anyways… Im outta the sun if im not in band XDD So yay? ww

Giving up one thing I loved. To go to another I love even more!!


Romanic Princess~


Ever watched this drama? I absolutely LOVE it~!
I mean.. I watched it awhile ago though… but still!

Don’t you just love her dress? One reason I love the drama is because of her outragesouly cute clothes… and cute hair!! Why can’t I do my hair and get clothes like that T.T

But yea… I wish I could be a princess XD Sounds so corny!!!! But I mean… really… thats like every girl’s dream I would imagine. To be pampered. Yet… this is reality -.-;; royalty doesn’t come easy.