Gomen -sniff-

I am… bleh. Today. At least.
Cause guess what?
I’m sick T.T Still
And my throat is better but it gets irritated when I talk so I try to keep talking to a minimum.
So Sorry because this will be my only post today.
Sorry Kasuki for ditching you at TNF >.<
Sorry for who I might’ve gotten sick!

But really… this sucks T.T I slept only a little last night and took mini naps throughtout the day. I hate taking medicine T.T But I don’t have a choice. It was made for a reason though! I just don’t wanna make it common to take it. And I Really have to drink more orange juice >.>;;

Oh! I finished watching High School Musical 3! It was… okay. Whataever really XD

But omgsh! I started playinf Rune Factory 2 or whatever. Its like Final Fantasy, Harvest moon, and Monster Rancher all put in one!! And no one wants to touch the DS cause I’ve been playing it XD ITs contaminated XD;;


2 thoughts on “Gomen -sniff-

  1. Sorry to hear that you didn’t do so well with the flu… Now at least you know to eat lots of fruits in the future!

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