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Who’s the 3rd wheel now?


Overdose of this here~ xD But who said overdoses are bad…? lol!

I find it kind of.. irritating when people turn down hang out requests when they feel as though they might be a 3rd wheel. This has happened.. SOO many times. And I can see why too, I was once a 3rd wheel and had to watch the whole lovey dovey cliche and being ignored stuff… but its not.. always like that o.o contary to popular belief… couples do not ALWAYS have to be constantly touching each other. Gasp! I know right?
And Hea has been with me and Gee out ALOT. It’s become more like… a constant group at this rate xD It’s just because we all have fun together! Yes… that means she has not been left out. If anything.. people being invited should come because it just gets more fun =3
(Yes kasuki, thanks for always using some disappointing tone when I mention Gee xDD)

Anyhow. Today sucked. Well.. weather wise. it RAINED. Ruins everything. But it was fun ^^ Bought some presents~ hehe.

OH!!! In the picture is what Gee made. It’s fireworks! It actually looks like it once you roll it around..?


Little crane~


Like the little money crane I made~? Not outta my money XD my..chaperone wanted it done~ ^-^;; So I did it! yep yep~

I need to learn more origami.. I only know how to make a crane. Flapping crane. Flower. and thats it actually… >.<;;

Oh and if  I sound funny tomrrow… I lost my voice >.<;; Too much yelling and singing. and not enough water Ig uess… oh well.. ( I alrady frank 1L of water today… so I say thats an accomplishment XD on account I don’t dirnk lots of water…)


Origami ftw



I got these two things from… PMX! The old man was awsome so I bought them.
I didn’t even put them up, my mom did XD

But I realized..man… thats hard to make. lol~
I don’t have the patience for that anymore. Well maybe I do but I’m not into origami much anymore. Used to be way back in middle school when there was nothing better to do XD

But now its more… sewing for me. I made 3 new bows today~
Guess what… all pink! lol~

And… nothing else much. I got to lvl 68 on my bRM~ Lawolf ftw!


ORigaMi Awsomeness~


Whaa this guy was UBERLY AWSOMEEE!!!! <3

He was the origami guy! Loved it because he was so entertaining! Made me laugh lots ^-^;;

So I just HADE to take a pic with him~ And I’m glad I did because really… IT’s something I want to remember. The awomse things you can do with paper… really!!

I even bought stuff too! He gave me lots XD

I think he’s getting old thingy or mind whatever because I gave him a 10 and he was giving me like 15 back… I’m like.. wow XD So I just took 6 and gave a $1 tip? XD At least its something! They dererve it anyhow… pure awsomeness… lol~