Archive | February 4, 2009

Walking home.

Meh. Nothing intersting has been happening to me so I haven’t really had anything to say lately. I can’t really update on cosplay either because… I’ve been taking naps or just playing a game or what not. I dunno why I feel tired. IT might be because I’m sick..ish. My throat is all dry and I get lugi’s (yea I said lugis).

Though I did walk home today. Wasn’t bad because I had company. Surprsingly o.o;; My sis was with me playing the DS. A guy thats gay but always makes fun of me walked with me. But only because we figured out we were wlakign the same way. Then a friend from APN class was also walking the same way so she walked with us. Then one of my friends that sit behind me in Stats class came and walked! I dunno if they all knew each other but they all knew me XD Which I was surprised that so many were wlaking home at the same time as me. Then againt he first 2 were in the library and the last girl finished running I believe.

I didn’t wanna disclose names because… yea… I would rather not.

so! Thats all that was relaly interesting XD


School days – not the anime


Wow how much my life would be interesting if it was an anime!
But why cant it be like an anime? well 1… there arn’t very interesting people at my school. There are some people, but … well I’ll just stop there.

So! Life as a pokemon game would be all the excitment too! I mean really.. pokemon!!

But actually.. I just have my life now. And I like making it as interesting (in a good way) as possible of course. So… school is boring. Thats just it. I fell asleep in 2nd period. Totally spaced out in 4th. OH!! I finished a sudoku! <3 I was so happy ^-^

And now im just playing my DS…