Maybe haruhi


I was looking through my stiff yesterday and  found tha Haruhi Hair band!! woo~ I don’t like the color so much cause its not accurate… its the one my brother got from buying the Haruhi box set XD

I looks weird in this picture though… I think I do…

One day I may do Haruhi~ Just cause she’s pure awsome!
Haruhi reminds me of the girl from Ouran Host Club too. I wanna cosplay her pink dress at the end XD Its beyond cute!!! hehe

But yep~
Havent been able to do anything cosplay related lately… how sad >.<;; I sohuld start on Euphie… I don’t have a zipper buuuut… bleh. I wont be able to go to joanns for awhile… I probablyh ave to show my mom imma do more so she can buy me more. XD


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