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So here’s some sugar cane I had a bit back. Like couple days ago. Sorry I’ve been sooo lazy on pictures. I can’t help it >.<;;sometimes I take them a lot other times theres no special need whatsoever so I don’t take any. I really sohuld start taking random pictures that look cool XD IT might entertain me more~

But I need peope to answer this question:

What… was I gonna say?! Totally forgot. Gomen!




MY mom decided to redecorate the little room we have. so its more opened on one side and more cramped on my side XD But its okay cause I have easy acess to the copy machine…fax… and piano still! And more shelfs to hold my things.. so I guess thats good~ Bad thing is that Hunny is kinda displaced.. he’s like in the middle XD weird.

But I like it. Today… I didn’t do much. Mainly sang..exercised. Homework. talked on the phone XD and.. now I’m gonna continue to sing and do hw or something. Though omgsh when my mom was here I couldn’t sing or listen to music I almost fell asleep XD its like I have to multitask. lol~


Sakurabo Kissu~

Have I ever said I was always a KOTOKO fan?
This is relaly cute but don’t listen to it too much or else it gets… omgsh -.-;; lol~ So once or twice is okay~ I just like singing the “suki suki suki” I remembered this when Kasuki brought it up outta no where o.o;;

I remember when she came to AX… 07? maybe 06 XD I so don’t remember anymore. But I DO remember going to her concert! I loved it~ Though I hate it that I didn’t know some of her songs till afterwards >.> Like Aya Hirano and Shokotan T.T I hate that I’m always late on things!! So please people… tell me if I’m missing out on a big artist and especially if there is a must-see anime like Haruhi. Which I saw AFTER the AX it debuted T.T So sad.

I was just thinking about that XD And I was also think about JPN and I know why im not so worked aobut it right now… I got rejected twice XD If I get my hopes up again and they are crushed… bleh. Thats never fun XD So I’m just planning out my summer like AX is going to happen.

So I stay optimistic! ^-^




I was thinking about AX and… I don’t even know if I’m gonna go… I mean there is a slight chance I won’t get to go but then I get the one-in-a-lifetime teip to Japan. And thats really something… I remember always dreaminga obut when I go to sleep… I was actually day dreaming about it in the shower just a bit ago XD Like going to school… having such difficulties understanding everyone fully XD Shopping for sures. Food for sures. Just being able to live away for awhile.

Its pretty exciting! I’d bring most of my skirts… tanktops.. some shirts. Just to be sure not to fill up my suitcase cause I’d bring so much back XD I’m pretty glad I didn’t go the past years because … well I know I’ve grown so much from back then. Like I know who I am! ^-^ Cosplay <3~

Now I shall sleep and probably dream about it… though last night’s dream was epic! More adventure ones XD I loved it! X33