Bible bingo?!


So I played some bible bingo yesterday… its not really bingo but from the retreat/convention I went to thats what he called it XD And so I did that. Since I was feeling kinda scared after watching the news… at least paranoid.

So I opened up to the Book of Job… and I ead. it was pretty interesting. Then I hit verse 10 in chapter 2! “…We accept good things from God; and should we not accept evil? Through all this, Job said nothing sinful”

See… I’m not like extremely religious. But it did help me get through hard times. And its part of who I am today! So I read that and I’m like… yea… evil things which I don’t want to happen and accept… not like you can change it can you?

So Thats that. I should do that more often. I actually LOVE to read stories so reading the non-poem-ish part of it is better to me XD I’m not too deep into it though XD Well I do tend to overthink… kinda..?


2 thoughts on “Bible bingo?!

  1. I’m sorry… Reading the Bible just makes no sense to me x.x I just can’t understand it some times. If it’s something that helps you though, that’s good ^.^

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