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After show



Wow so I didn’t even know I was MIA for.. a good week or so from bloging. But the nights became long and the mornings got earlier as the time towards the fashion show came! Well… Glad to say that the show went off well~ It wasn’t perfect but for my first show I think it was good! I learned a lot from it and I got 9 new outfits to show off =3 What it did show was that I do have a pretty awesome team behind me with oh so many talents~ So I’m really glad that I have people I can depend on =3

Afterwards there was a good 3 hour photo shoot session which isn’t too surprising cause between the group shots and the individual shoots… Gee was quite busy taking pictures of other girls xD

Afterwards was just KBBQ with some of the models and friends who came to see the show :D And then Boba … then a nap .. then came home around midnight! It was quite the fun day =3 stressful a bit but the models were SO amazing that it made my job easier. 

I decided to take a day off completely today just for some clean up and games! Nothing to stress me out~ And well.. I found myself thinking “what can I sew while watching anime..?” and then going “oh crap not suppose to be working!” and yea. It was sad xD I already want to start sketching out the next project!! IM ON A ROLLLLL~~ LOL 



Music booow

Been working on getting the store updated a little bit more.. so here’s just a music bow! I only updated a few more bows… I have maybe 3 more that hasn’t been posted yet though. Working on fixing the pictures so they are cohesive and more attractive too! But Gee told me to stop making bows and make the other stuff -.- So tomorrow I have plans for cosplay (FINALLY) and designing…. my deadline is like… now. And I’m barely finished with anything T.T Oh well.

Anyways! Today was a pretty much full day of work for me? I spend the morning running errands. Then I stood around Chase (you know, that bank?) And just talked to people and tried to give out information on real estate. I was sooooo tired by the time I got home that I wanted to nap. But before that I tried finishing the skirt but.. hoenstly I don’t like the shape sooo… don’t want to continue it. I hate when I get in that mood =.= So I really did nap. Then ate. Then drove allllll the way to Gee cause I missed him (=3) And we just got boba and I got gas and it was lovely~ But for the most part I went to him to get something and give something (that sounds kinda dirty to me…. so just letting you know it was fabric. Just fabric.)

That was my day. I can’t wait to be able to sleep in a bit tomorrow! But I might not just so I can start on cosplay =3



I said I would post up some pictures from my mini shoot… and here they are! or well…. a few. There wasn’t many taken and I’m a picky person>.> Either way… it shows off my skirt and my old haricut (?) Right! I forgot to post yesterday and the day before because well….

1. Wondercon was exxhausting

2. I got sick afterwards and I’m recovering really nicely

3. I spent Sunday with Mother getting a well needed haircut (love it btw) and I also got an early birthday present ^^

Well there is a short snippet of what happened for my weekend. I’m still working on getting Gee to give me the Wondercon photos and I did take some videos but I’m not happy with them so … those are being scrapped!

Right. The photos! —

**All photos below were taken by Hermsi and therefore are his. Please no redistributing or using it without permission!

 photo DSC_00752_zps970126af.jpg

I hope this picture isn’t hard to look at >.<I’m working on editing photos but it’s hard especially if the originally didn’t have the greatest lighting T.T  Love this photo though! Believe it or not… this is also pretty much normal day attire for me. Mmm… maybe with a little bit more color though~

 photo DSC_0093_zps7ec7c6cc.jpg

This is more of a goodie-good picture of me xD You can really see the seam in my skirt.. it’s quite annoying.. but probably more-so now that I pointed it out to you huh? xD This picture, didn’t have edits. At least… none that made any difference xD

 photo DSCN280322_zps76933b0a.jpg

Lastly, I took this picture! It’s a picture of Gee taking a picture of turtles =3 Yea… I was being such a creeper~ =3 He looks pro though no? xD That or just Asian… >.>


Bundle of me


It’s been seriously hectic. Did I ever get to show off my lovely business card~? I’m not completely happy about little details but… it’s really… ME regardless <3 Thanks to Herms who did the design ! His business card is soooo epic~ Maybe I’ll get a picture sometime soon! See the clear sheet it’s in? that took me forever to find >.> Those clear adhesive sheets come in so many different sizes it’s crazy. I dedicated a good few hours just looking for them T.T Ebay…. it’s rough. xP

So sorry for missing a post yesterday. A lot of preparations and I thought the 20 minutes writing could instead be used to either 1. feed myself or 2. work. I honestly think I worked instead of ate xD

Sad note: I didn’t finish all that I wanted to at this point…. tomorrow I’ll have to work overboard
Bright side: I have a satisfied feeling of being tired…. weird right? Past few days have been ‘wake up: 9’ then ‘sleep 3’ which isn’t so bad but I do love the ideal 7-8 hours of sleep….

Did I mention while I’ve been working my butt off the living area here has gotten so dirty it’s unbearable T.T I wonder if anyone will clean it the 4 days I’m busy..? lol! How much I doubt it xD

let’s see how tomorrow goes… I’ll try coming back with some insightful pictures!


Mini Tentacles~


A Kimikotan Creation~
Presenting: Ninja Pentapus!!

I finished these little creations awhile ago but I’m currently testing how they hold up and people’s reactions. I seriously love these little things!! <3 Cute huh? I’m actually planning on making more to sell… the bottom is what makes it so cute!! But you’ll have to wait to see them.. I’m working on getting some tough sealers so the paint won’t chip off at allll~

Did you get why they are call pentapus? xD

So today was extremely hot. Like. Omgsh *melts*
I felt my feet burning cause the only black I wore was my shoes.. yea.. mistake. Oh!! But a girl did say she liked my shoes… I had seaweed in my mouth so I hope she wasn’t freaked out at that.. lol!!!  That’s nice.. a compliment is nice to get.. I need to compliment more. =3

Then I actually started studying today. I have SO much to do it’s crazy. >.>;; I’ll go them all eventually? T.T Oh well… school has been.. fun~ Someone also wants me to stop holding back… that person also doesn’t know what he gets himself into… sooo… lets see how this goes. (and whatever “holds back” means to you… well thats irrelevant xP)