Music booow

Been working on getting the store updated a little bit more.. so here’s just a music bow! I only updated a few more bows… I have maybe 3 more that hasn’t been posted yet though. Working on fixing the pictures so they are cohesive and more attractive too! But Gee told me to stop making bows and make the other stuff -.- So tomorrow I have plans for cosplay (FINALLY) and designing…. my deadline is like… now. And I’m barely finished with anything T.T Oh well.

Anyways! Today was a pretty much full day of work for me? I spend the morning running errands. Then I stood around Chase (you know, that bank?) And just talked to people and tried to give out information on real estate. I was sooooo tired by the time I got home that I wanted to nap. But before that I tried finishing the skirt but.. hoenstly I don’t like the shape sooo… don’t want to continue it. I hate when I get in that mood =.= So I really did nap. Then ate. Then drove allllll the way to Gee cause I missed him (=3) And we just got boba and I got gas and it was lovely~ But for the most part I went to him to get something and give something (that sounds kinda dirty to me…. so just letting you know it was fabric. Just fabric.)

That was my day. I can’t wait to be able to sleep in a bit tomorrow! But I might not just so I can start on cosplay =3


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