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Imitation Office

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I’ve been debating on paint colors for the office and used sims to help me out with it =3 I love sims 3 because you have the option to customize the color! So it really made it perfect =4 Perfect and close enough at least xD Anyways the layout is close to what we have right now. Can you tell which my desk is? (hint hint pink chairs!) And I really am next to the window of my mother’s office >.>;; It makes doing other non-work things quite difficult xD

Anyways! This picture I just snapped randomly… uhh… Not really the color I want cause I need to something about the flooring >.>;;

Today I ran errands.. did a favor.. got a yummy curry house dinner for that favor =3 I was really close to finishing my skirt but my mother came around and ruined my mood so I just stopped. I’ll finish it tomorrow.. morning maybe. I went to joanns to buy fabric but… apparently got the wrong one >.> Gee says leather…. makes it so much harder for me. He wants LEATHER and VELVET. And not the cheap imitation velvet.. or leather. Expensive boy =.= I also tried to sit around Starbucks for a bit to sketch but that didn’t work >.> coughGeecough. jkjk~ I’m glad you call me~

Still working on a good layout for the office and my desk positioning.. and paint.. and.. well. Yea. I’m office manager, I need to make it look good =3


now THIS is real estate

My brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year. I told him a game cause honestly….. he would probably only get me something that would mutually benefit him as well. Not like that’s bad, it’s fine. It just narrows my choices a bit more. With that, I decided to look up 3DS games that I wanted and then went “oh! I can probably get a new Sims expansion” So I went to look up those~ Then I stumbled upon THIS guy. Now… he seriously has some creativity in his work~ I absolutely LOVE his house designs =3 I also like how they can kinda be turned into real life work and Sims i really just a medium for him. So with that said… I REALLY want to go back to making houses =3 It takes hours on my part -.- (that’s what I get for not really planning it beforehand) but it’s always so satisfying ~

And because of this video I spent a decent amount of time on Sims 3 just because I seriously am stuck on writing resumes its not even funny -.- It’s not that I haven’t written them before… it’s… they’re for jobs that I don’t really care for but I’m being forced to apply to anyways. Do you know how depressing that is? As long as I don’t get stuck in a cubicle, I’m okay. I just need a job temporary. Cause let’s face it, corporate is not really the place to be.



Playing life


I think its bad enough I play sims on my phone… now I upgraded (once again) to the PC where I spend hours on end playing a life that isn’t mine… but its FUN T.T I think the game is more of a girl’s game cause many of my guy friends don’t play it… ever. But not like they won’t play it… so it’s not like a Barbie game xD It’s great~

So basically today consisted of Flashcards. Writing. Planning what to write. I only did lal that cause I was waiting for Sims to update and install and dl =.= Ugh. So much work for a game geez. Then I came home and my family has Thanksgiving Part 2! On Thursday we had our seafood thanksgiving which consisted of lobster and crab… today was actual turkey (haven’t had that in years) with mashed potatoes .. corn… salad… it was really… traditional o.o Yummy too!! Good stuff….

Now I’ve been playing Sims 3 on and off for a few hours…. I won’t be able to play it alot anyways… so i’ll take all the time I can xD


It’s a dollhouse!


Ohh… I had a lot of time on my hands >.> This was the doll house I made on Sims 3!! xD Cute no? I love how in this game you can color customize everything so… the inside? PRetty awesome. It includes a pink pool with dolphins at the bottom~ The whole backside is windows so you can see in it xD It’s.. kinda cute. Could’ve made it better… less… rectangular. Kinda tempted to actually, only a few hours of my life went away making it =.= Hey, so worth it though.

Today… I finished Secret Circle. Yea the TV show… well I’m not sure if I finished it, I’m caught up? If that was the end… well I’m not satisfied that’s for sure. It was okay though, I’d rather watch Charmed again, more magic in that xDD

I started homework? Will probably continue it now.. depending on my mood. Or sketching. I ended up not going to joanns today. why? Ehh.. woke up at 1? xD Sooo… no extra bulk of interfacing for me xD It’s okay. I have plenty of fabric to work with~~ Hopefully.

I’m trying to get in the habit of washing my fabrics before I use them. Mainly because of the serger where I can now wash the clothes I make if I wear them. But it’s also because apparently lots of weird chemicals can be on them from shipping and what not, so to be safe I’m washing them now~ Should’ve started that a long time ago? Probably. I’m always scared the fabric will be ruined though… oh well. It’s all experimental~