Imitation Office

 photo sim1_zpsc84f1d08.jpg

I’ve been debating on paint colors for the office and used sims to help me out with it =3 I love sims 3 because you have the option to customize the color! So it really made it perfect =4 Perfect and close enough at least xD Anyways the layout is close to what we have right now. Can you tell which my desk is? (hint hint pink chairs!) And I really am next to the window of my mother’s office >.>;; It makes doing other non-work things quite difficult xD

Anyways! This picture I just snapped randomly… uhh… Not really the color I want cause I need to something about the flooring >.>;;

Today I ran errands.. did a favor.. got a yummy curry house dinner for that favor =3 I was really close to finishing my skirt but my mother came around and ruined my mood so I just stopped. I’ll finish it tomorrow.. morning maybe. I went to joanns to buy fabric but… apparently got the wrong one >.> Gee says leather…. makes it so much harder for me. He wants LEATHER and VELVET. And not the cheap imitation velvet.. or leather. Expensive boy =.= I also tried to sit around Starbucks for a bit to sketch but that didn’t work >.> coughGeecough. jkjk~ I’m glad you call me~

Still working on a good layout for the office and my desk positioning.. and paint.. and.. well. Yea. I’m office manager, I need to make it look good =3



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