Archive | August 23, 2013

Mini vacation

ah! I haven’t been able to post because.. well… basically..

Wednesday: Planning for Thursday
Thursday: Full day from 9am celebrating Gee’s birthday to then 3am. Yea. It was cray crazy.
Friday (today): Slept in cause.. well I got to sleep by 4am and woke up to basically chill out a little and have dinner with some awesome friends that we don’t just see at cons anymore! (yaay!)

So it really has been an eventful week~ Gee got his gifts from me which a part of it included a 3 month subscription to dA which you can see here

I’ll have to post up pictures but i’m sooo tired! and I have to actually get the pictures… lol! I barely took any with my camera. >.>;; Oh well!! Excited to be back (felt like a mini vacation!) and I’m already working on a new skirt! YEP. That’s right =3 Hopefully it’ll be done.. tomorrow =3