Archive | August 16, 2013

Don’t panic guys!

Alright so.. apparently Photobucket has this bandwidth thing that is screwing my blog over. I love you Photobucket but… this thing? This is a no-go. So if you see so many “You’re popular” kinda boxes everywhere… I’m sorry. I’m now looking for another photo hosting site that doesn’t limit bandwidth. But it should be back up and running on the 19th =3 So No worries? (Yea I didn’t panic a ALL >.>)

So! I can’t really do the beach post I wanted to until I find a way to fix this problem.. permanently. Yes I could upgrade my account but I’m not made out of money >.> And the beauty about the internet is that there is probably a better photo hosting site out there I don’t know about. Especially since looking at my photobucket account… I haven’t even used up all my bandwidth?! Ugh. T.T

I’ll figure it out tomorrow.