Archive | August 18, 2013

I’m wondering…

20130818_173609Somehow I get views on this blog and I really wonder.. why xD My life isn’t that exciting (I try though, really xD) and I know I don’t write material that’s really useful. Actually… my writing is exactly how I talk so it can be hard to understand o.o I guess I shouldn’t swell on it much xD But thanks to anyone who reads this xDDD It makes me feel slightly less awkward in life.

Anyways! I decided to do a “selfie” (as my sister loves to call it) at the office today. … or right now actually. You can see my brother working over there and my fishie mate that sits next to me ^^ I look kinda awkward now that I … well.. look. It’s a glasses day. Been having to wear them more so my eyes don’t go funky on me. I do have to say that I’ve been loving wearing the grey skirt I made out of extra fabric I had. So I’m planning to go buy some more fabric just to make skirts for myself >.> I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve gotten fed up with trying to shop for clothes and just wanting to make something I know I’d love.

And this is why I design =3 Hopefully there are other people out there that like them too!