Healthy food day…ish.


Because this is what Friday’s are all about =3 the food~! On the spurr of the moment we decided to eat nicely today because… well…. deals that come in last minute online are the best =3 So we ate lunch at a pretty nice price!! =3 Today was kind of a glutton day as we ate some other lovely things as well… by the end of the day Gee was asking for something unhealthy-like just because we were eating so dang well LOL

On the bright side… we both got some work done today! I was forced into using Gee’s copic markers >.> If you don’t know what they are, it’s basically the best kind of coloring marker xD Also pretty…. well-known? Yes. Well it was different… I apparently can’t color in the lines lol! Well for the most part…. it turned out looking good lol~

Mmm…… I’m extremely tired right now… probably from getting up early these past few days… I Also didn’t get my normal 8 hours of sleep >.> hur. Oh well. So worth getting up early this morning~ Friday mornings are always so interesting.


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