Archive | September 9, 2012

Finally won one =3


Every Sunday is risk night…. and finally.. FINALLY, after the third day I finally won.. WO! I would’ve won twice in a row >.> Dang mutants…. =3=kind of confused at what risk legacy is? Here.. I’ll copy and paste some info….

What’s different is that Risk Legacy’ changes over time based on the outcome of each game and the various choices made by players. In each game, players choose one of five factions; each faction has uniquely shaped pieces, and more importantly, different rules. At the start of the first game, each of these factions gains the ability to break one minor rule, such as the ability to move troops at any time during your turn, as opposed to only at the end.

Lovely eh? It’s just a really long risk game that just keeps adding rules as time and as things are completed. Like today, the same person won twice. And we opened up a secret compartment. Then 3 nukes were used up in one battle and another part was opened up. It’s actually really interesting~ I just wished games didn’t take so long and more girls were playing >.>Anyways…. I should have taken pictures of the board after each game.. we completely made Africa a waste mine and I always take over North America ^^  (I would take over Asia but it’s huge and basically I can’t fight on that many fronts…)

Oh. Expensive Game btw for just a one time play xD So think really before investing it in. But it hold up to 5 players and is $50 sooooo…. $10 per is not so bad lol!!

Other than that… still watching White Collar and still spazzing over cosplays… and working on my commission! Which I always have this anxiety about starting cosplays especially for people xD lol I’ll figure it out.. I’ll get over it!!