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Happy Valentine’s Day =3


Happy Valentines Day ~~~ <3

I don’t think I usually spend a lot of time on Valentine’s day things just because I never really liked the day? But I do like to do things here and there for Gee and friends anyways~ Last year I made choco truffles! This year… I didn’t feel like making anything xD And since I was seeing everything today anyways for a celebration party… I brought strawberries and we made home-made chocolate dipped strawberries! And I never (At least to my memory) got an actual gift for someone but this year I saw a chance and… why not =3 So I got Gee Asuna and Kirito keychains! =3 We have been really loving the OTP and since we do cosplay them… I thought it would be cute as a keepsake =3 And hopefully we can do a photoshoot of us for the ultimate barfy cutsy effect LOL! <3

So I ended up giving both to him and told him to choose which one he wanted to keep… cause we can fight for waifu or senpai LOL In the end I have Kirito and he has Asuna~~~ I love it =3

Other than that.. I swear I had like 4 courses of dessert and SO MUCH FOOD. Gee hosted a little party and he … he knows how to do food =3 It was yummy and oh so lovely~ Sad some other friends couldn’t make it but… oh well! Always other times =3 Next few weeks look booked to me o.o So I’ll see…

Plus I got good and bad news of a fashion show! So I’m excited but a month to make 7 outfits? Mmmm… I really want to make new ones and not reuse sooo… hing. I’ll see. Middle of tax season and creating this new business so I’m going to go crazy if I do decide to make new ones… >.> BUT I WANT TO QQ

(btw this is what was in the Tokyo Otaku Mode package you saw earlier this week =3 )


Tip of the day~

 photo DSCN3080_zpsc270c748.jpg

Quick tip of the day: Cosplays generally look better ironed!

A lot of people don’t iron out their cosplays and it just.. frustrates me!! Especially if they bought it online or from a commissioner… at least do the courtesy of making it look the way it’s suppose to be >.> Just look above. This is the bottom of Kirito’s coat that I’m making. To the left is the unironed version and to the right is the ironed version! It just looks nicer in seams and cleaner. Please please PLEASE remember to iron out cosplays! That is one thing I never skimp out on… cutting loose threads maybe, but not ironing xD

So today was kinda an.. odd “where did the time go?” day. Since I don’t remember doing much but I do at the same time? I went out to joanns and got some quick boba and food (cause my house is barren with no snacks or junk food). Then next thing I know its church and by that time I’m thinking “oh crap where is my time?!” But I do have to take a lot of fault for it since I didn’t get out of bed till 12… (I have no idea what is wrong with me and headaches in the morning)

On the bright side… my eye is no longer red and I put in contacts this morning and it felt fine! But just in case… I cut my two nails down so I prevent any further possible irritation. I’m also trying not to wear my contacts in for so long… seems to be bad (duh).

I also might have… possibly… killed my desktop computer.. >.> It was on and then it shut off! We think it’s a defective power cord but who knows >.< So I’m back onto my laptop but duel screening!! =3 It’s quite exciting but also quite difficult to get back used to (the slightly slower laptop of mine). Ah well. Time for more cosplay stuffies =3


Kirina? Lol! Asuito

Kirito & Asuna

Kirito & Asuna

This is currently my phone’s background for like.. the past week or so actually. It’s been awesome to look at everyday ^^

Still haven’t watched SAO from all these posts that I’ve done? Shame on you xP It’s really a great anime. I tried working on Asuna today and it… just didn’t go well. I’ll probably try again tomorrow but inside the house where I know there is a large space of flooring for me to work on. Well.. I guess there is space out here… it’s just…. bunny >.>

So I got half of my econ paper done. Mother interrupted so I wen tot Michaels with her. Bought a bit for my new phone charms =3 Now I’m just trying to find one more source for my group paper. I hate group papers… do you know that? >.> I mean it’s not that bad since I write less… but it’s the pressure of making sure it’s cohesive with everyone else’s stuff that’s hard.

Anyways….. one more source. Then I’ll sketch and sleep =3


Kirito <3


Okay we’re gonna get a little personal here. See this lovely lock screen background for my phone? It’s actually really nicely placed because if you can tell… in the middle of his hand it looks like he’s “holding” the text message bubble xD So everytime anyone texts me (which it’s normally Gee anyways… or shopping stuff) it shows up this this =3 I think it’s so adorable so it’s probably gonna stay like this for awhile… but it’s really bad for me because everytime I see Kirito (From Sword Art Online if you’re lost at this point) I kinda squeal inside xD Why? How can you not like Kirito?! Plus it’s bad I can picture the cosplay being played out by Gee >.> And minus the long hair cause he refuses to wear a wig. I don’t understand what it is with guys and wigs. They hate them xD Unlike girls where we are like “Wooo!! Not my hair!” xD For the most part I think.. I still think wigs are annoying but I’ll wear them xD lol! Which reminds me.. I have to buy my wig SOOON. ALA is coming up in a little bit more than a month but IM SO BEHIND T.T It’s crazy. It’s sad!! Okay. I should stop playing Sims. I won’t play longer than an hour now >.> Yea. Sounds good!


Oogling over it

I can’t help it… I went fangirling and oogling over them again! I can’t believe how much I’m spazzing… STILL!! It’s seriously distracting.. which isn’t helping because I have two exams back to back tomorrow. >.> One I’m confident in! The other.. well.. let’s just say that’s a class I work hard to maintain a B in xD

After the tests though…. I’m going to get some boba and happily distract myself with some shopping! Hopefully. I’m looking for a cardigan…….. did I mention I froze in one of my classes? I have no idea why but that room is ALWAYS cold. Hey, at least it keeps me up xD

Okay… I think I’ll play some DN then sleep! I have to wake up early to study tomorrroooww!!! </3

ASUNA & KIRITO <3333333333 Ah the epicness. I’ll make GEe teach me how to fight with a rapier later… and hey, maybe he can show me his duel sword skills ^-~