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School day


Looks odd huh? Well… it’s just a random picture I took at school xD Which has been eating my life lately. That and commission stuff… it really shouldn’t take me this long but… I’m such a perfectionist T.T It’s horrible.

I went to school today even though I didn’t have school….. I spent a good like 4 hours straight studying. It was…. hard but a super cup of thai tea really helps XDD Very productive today! Also went to the gym~ Mmm.. let’s see. Starved for about 11 hours. Ate at 12.. came home at 11 =.= Sucked. Okay I had an apple in between lol!

I’ve been slacking with updating. This week and next will be very busy for me. Tests. deadlines. Crazy =.=


That white collar…

I would like to inform everyone that I have finished all 3 seasons of White Collar as of 7 pm today =3 I am REALLY happy too~ Yea… the show isn’t as great as Leverage in my opinion…. but it’s nice nonetheless~ And comon.. how can you NOT like the main character? I seriously think this just fed my liking for guys in nice suits >.> Pure awesomeness~ I thought it was kind of weird to have a show called White Collar… but you kind of get it once you figure out they solve crimes in the white collar division… so not petty thefts and trivial ~ Now this means I get to start on LEverage season 5!! Eh… soon. Not this week. I’m seriously going to try holding back with watching it untill I finish the commission, apply for the internships, and update my shope~ =3 Yes. I have a list.

Other than that I also have to go back to trying to work out everyday starting tomorrow~ Except Wednesdays I think…. I dunno. Something about working out before 6 hours worth of classes seems like a bad idea xD Oh I’m also working on my own OC (original character) at the moment. Hopefully that turns out to be smexy~ She’s an archer which is fitting because I’m giving her the name of all my other archer characters I use in games!! ^^

Mmmm…..Did I mention I couldn’t get to sleep till like 430am? It sucked. I hate it.


Stairway to… the top!!

Oddly enough… today was a busy day o.o I ended up sleeping in an extra hour so I woke up around 10 xD Went over to hang out with Gee as my Fridays usually entails anyways~ We went to get boba!! Haven’t had it ALL WEEK! That’s crazy. Then I had my Joann shopping spree which consisted of spending.. $10. …yea. THAT’s my shopping spree xD I have to remember to do my accounting stuff.. been slacking >.>
Then I hung out with a friend for an hour which was 55 minutes too long xP It’s not that I don’t like to… it’s just… odd. different I’ll call it?’s where the good part of the story comes in…

We finally checked out a really nice park around school area. It’s super hilly but has so many trees, bricks, and stairways that we decided it’s where my Ragnarok shoot will be two weeks from now =3 Yes. We’re seriously pulling out a major photoshoot ^^ So the picture above is just from the test shots today~~ And below is a picture of me doing a <3! I haven’t put pictures of myself up for awhile.. I dunno why. I guess I grew out of it? OR I got more self conscious lol!

Yep! THat was my day. My feet were so dead by the end of the day… it’s what I get in basically hiking in heels T.T Btw those pictures? No editing~ That’s all thanks to Gee’s being what… awesome? awesome. xD (okay so the first picture  might need a bit… he didn’t get the right lighting for that… >.>) Isn’t it kind of odd though? One side of the stairway is green and the other is brown… I guess it really is greener on the other side xD


Huge huh.


Today was just not a school day. Well it WAS a school day but…. no one wanted to go to classes lol!! It was like “ugh… no wanna go” which is probably why I was really tempted to ditch classes. But I decided that since tests are next week… I’ll go to class and just reward myself later~ Hence.. THE FOOOOD~~~ I wont say anything about the drinks behind the food though >.> But I have found something I Really really like xDD The burger was also really good too… spicy xD Oh we went to TGIF =3 it was happy hour!! Should’ve gotten like a lot of appetizers though…

Also we found that every impromptu shopping trip…. someone buys something. Last time was Hea buying a blazer. This time Gee bought a really nice shirt for a good price~ and next time it’s apparently my turn! xD Hey,,,, I don’t mind. As long as I stop spending $20 on dinner every thursday >.> Dang friends, so expensive!!!


Food.. from trucks!


I know you can’t see it well but… food trucks came on campus today! And I honestly think its the first time they let them go IN the quad and no like on the streets on the outskirts of school xD It was quite amazing to see. What was also cool was that they had a little discussion there which I got to hear parts of. Interesting things. We saw the trunk on the way back when we were both out of class so me and Gee finally went to get some! It was.. honestly? only okay…. >.> We got tacos. OR just.. one. Pricey. =.= Spent $5 on two tacos that were just.. .okay. I would’ve been better with Del Taco … and that’s like 3 for a $1 on Tuesdays!

anyways…. We skipped out on working out at school for food. Today was seriously a food day… even had our favorite panini’s today ^^ REALLY good stuff there~ I guess it’s a good occassion… what’s a better occasion than the 19th? (Thanks Gee for… remembering before me! xDDD)

Class wasn’t so bad and I see a trend now. I tend to NOT speak up when I know the answers but I do when I’m like… I dunno. I KNOW THE ANSWERS DANGIT =.= I’ve been participating in class more now. I’m surprised. It’s probably because they are my major classes. Exciting stuff =3 I’m completely a B player but you know what? I’m happy =3 Because I’m a B player I can spend time on cosplay, with friends, and just being stress freee~~ It’s awesome~

Oh and I learned one thing today: “Ugly people arn’t protected” which isn’t to be mean but… you CAN discriminate on being pretty or not and it is not against federal or state law =3