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Yep. This is normal xD


Just… my daily life at school~ Okay I only saw this cause me and Gee had to take a short detour before my exams… which led us to see some huge billowing smoke and a car! This lovely car that was burning, though probably not as it’s peak, but it was on the shoulder of the road and looked seriously scary as we saw sparks coming out of it! Luckily the people that were in the car were out of it and away from it, that’s the good part =3 and there was no other… car there sooooo that’s always a good sign!

I snapped the picture on my phone… and honestly? Picture turned out pretty dang good xD Kinda cool actually! Wish it wasn’t so low quality though…

Ah my test today… it was so bad…. SO BAD T.T I hate that subject and … ugh. I did wonderful on my exam which is basically my major though~~ That’s the good part ^^ So after being down about one test then being happy about another… I was all over the place with emotions =.= Soooo…. we went to get boba! Then the mall where I got to get a really really yummy almond pretzel~ GOOD STUFF THERE~ <3 AHhh…. never had one to myself and it made me so happy~ Now though? I cleaned and I think I’ll sketch or something~ And kind of… admire the picture. xD


Stupid… car.


*Rant Alert

I decided to get my navi fixed for my car today… that thing is a lovely beast =.= Has given me so much trouble but it’s saved my butt many times too! I’ve grown fond of it even if its annoying xDD But lets start from the beginning~

A few days ago I emailed Toyota asking is my warranty was still covering the car and all. Which I assume it would but you know.. just gotta make sure. So I got a nice response back through email saying they needed my VIN to verify.. so I did. I might have typed it in wrong now that I look at it… I think I put in an O instead of an 0. so I never got a response back. So I called them and got repatched through and they didn’t pick up. Okay…. So then I emailed them back saying I never got a response! Wo! Someone called me and I was happy because I was able to schedule an appointment. So thats what brought me to the service of Toyota today.

Now now appointment was at 1:30 and I came in about.. 1:38… so lets say 10 minutes late. Who knew traffic would be gross. Anyhow… I saw the guy in front of me get help but I stood there looking around…couple guys passed me… no one… So I asked the people at the shuttle desk and they told me to wait more… so I did. Finally someone came and just… told me to wait over in the lounge for someone to get me cause the person went out to lunch? =.= So I waited… 45 minutes later I asked when my car might be done and the lady told me its going to take the whole afternoon! Soo… she offered that the shuttle could take me home and back when it was done. So I’m like… why not. I want to go grab my book xD So the shuttle guy takes me home, he was really nice o.o And not so awkward small talk. I liked him. He also took me back xD I felt kinda bad but… hey, its his job xDD I spent an hour at home eating and what not.. it was nice.

So I came back and asked for my car. They said it wasnt done… okay. I waited. Then the girl comes up to me with my keys in her hand saying the car isn’t done and needs a whole another day to be finished. But they ordered the part… it took them.. 5 hours to find out the part to order T.T My gosh. Cant they just replace it?! Nooo… fine. Oh even better? I had to back the car out myself!! That’s right.. normally they would bring it to the side for you so its easier but… I guess not! =.= Fine. It took me the whole ride home to get my seat adjusted right xD

I seriously don’t know if I want to go back… such… bad service!! Minus the shuttle guy, he was cool But the service!!! =.= Is it cause I’m not a guy? Is that it? Don’t ever want to go there again -.- THey just.. left me hanging most of the time. THey didnt even tell me when the parts may come in or when I have to reschedule. I just… left. With 5 hours wasted of my day. Jerks. I’m not sure if I want to put the dealership on here… but let’s just say it starts off with DCH ___.

Okay other than that? I’m sleep -.- Night.


Dont hate the cute~


xDDD I absolutely LOVE this shirt!! Makes me love cake just… so much more!!

Today was such a… bad day. I woke up to a crappy internet that kept disconnecting on me due to some deafult gateway problem. Finally got that resolved and was bribed to wash the cars. Which btw, I did not even get what I was bribed. Can you believe that?! But it doesn’t matter much to me xD My car finally got a good wash.

Which brings me to my next subject. I called and emailed a toyota dealership and they were so… not organized I guess? Because they finally called me after I sent a second email complaining that I did not get a response the first times. So hopefully they will do better and not request any money to fix my navi T.T I really need it… it makes me feel safe T.T But I have to get that checked tomorrow and hopefully treat myself to some needed outing… which I’m glad to say my trip for the summer is almost set xD At least one of them is… I really want to do something next week!! *hinthintnudgenudge*

I played Maplestory for a few HOURS today T.T Flippin.. Gee -.- IT was like a race to finish it all… fun!! But omgsh so time consuming!!! And its still going on!! Its fun though.. maple keeps finding ways to keep you hooked >.<

I have a really really cute hoodie planned out next. I can’t wait to make it!! I can’t believe I didn’t even work on my website today T.T And I have to plan a kickstarter thing as well as planning out my own site so I can work on that right after this one. Gargh. It’s a lot but.. Summer is almost over and I don’t have much time!!!! T.T

Time to go sketch and sleep! OR read and sleep? Or write and sleep… definately not sleeping only~


All around the car


Today was quite eventful…
I was SUPPOSE to wake up at 9 to get ready to get my car maintenance (you know the whole toyota recall).
And I woke up only cause Kasu called me xD My sis forgot >.> So! I was late to that, any later and I would’ve gotten my car way later.

After I dropped it off, waited a bit, got picked up. Did agent’s inspection on a house in escrow! ^^ (which means yay I MAY get paid soon, I need it T.T)
Then went to the office… eh. Ate there. xD Was .. okaaaaay.
Then went out again to see houses. Got boba!! <3
I tried Mango milk tea, would be better as a snow. So no more fruit tea flavors, not as good as snows!
I do wanna try earl grey milk tea… never had the actual tea so I’m curious. But I wanna try it with someone I know so if I don’t like it and the other person does its like.. switch! ^^;;

Ah went back to the office T.T Then went to pick up my car! at like 5ish when they said it’d be done. Nope it wasn’t. I saw them working on it though xD
(yay for orange parking permit!)
Then went to micheals, saw some things I wanted!! But I’ll get them when I absolutely need them. You know finishing touches on Xiao Qiao.
And then went back to pick up my caaaar

Which btw, the breakes are now like my brother’s car. Sensitive-er. gas pedal the same. The brake is okay for me, just gotta get used to it more. I actually like it better! Cause before it was harder to press and stop. But you know me~ I drive pretty carefully and slow anyhow… doesn’t matter to me~

Then went to Joanns on the way hommmee~ Picked out some things I needed but didnt buy anything T.T Didn’t have money on me xD And not too sure … so I still have time before the coupon goes baibai.

Ah.. so that’s it! FINALLY gotta start on hw! so BAIBAI! <3

(And that’s my feading hunny.. AGAIN! He always begs when I get home xD)


Dent… really?!!


Okay I’m like.. offically pissed off today.
Just because someone decided to be a JERK and make a dent in my car. I’m not sure how, I know its not another car, its small but very noticable.
So now… I dunno. I was very pissed at that >.>

I may get someone to just pop it back into place…
Cause its near the wheel… I’ll make more inspection on it later!

Anyhow. Todday? Pure homework. Well.. some flyff xD
But other than that I really was doing a lot of homework.
But I got a lot done, happy!
Tomorrow is really busy for me. Overall I have 4 hours of break. Lunch break and like… laptop break. I have 2 club meetings in which 1 is a 2 hour practice! Tedious but I’m looking forward to it!

So I’ll be home late and probably collapse >.< And tuesday I’m planning on going to the office to do more hw… then wednesday classes are very chill… usually someone wants to eat lunch with me ^-^ Totally different than high school! I like it though.
And then Thursday is the start of my cosplay week. Thursday – monday. Tuesday is hw day then back to classes! That’s just my week overview.
I really am getting started on cosplay… I will actually be using muslim for once because.. I don’t want to mess up on the good fabric >.< Not for something so complicated as my Miku dress. It’s good too! I can double up muslim fabric to make a skirt xD lol~

So! That’s it. One tihng I honestly hope will happen… whoever made that dent in my car.. may you get a dent 10x as big and bad as mine. ^-^