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Post AX Update!


BACK FROM AX! Look at my loot!! It’s literally… two artprints :D I bought the Ahri print like… Day 1 I think. Because it was the only print that I’ve seen with Ahri’s New Dawn outfit and it looks AWESOME :D YAY. And then Day 4 Gee surprised me with the print to the right of the fawns that I’ve had as my bg for… like a year. and on the inside I was squealing cause he got me such a cute print that I kept not buying cause it’s been expensive >>

Also with the loot list is my Ahri tail, it feels like another plushie so I put it with the pile for now. Then I looked over again and it totally looks like Poro is licking the underneath of it >> hay poro haaay~ Oh and my brother bought the harvest moon bunny =3 He would tho.

So YES. This was my 10th AX I’ve been to, and it seriously has been such a ride. I’m not expecting to stop going anytime soon unless life really catches up to me xD But this year was special and I celebrated it with hoteling again with a group of friends~ It was ALOT more fun than last time I hoteled and the room was even smaller xD There was one point where I got stuck sleeping in the middle of two people and realized… I don’t like it. -,- I also realized I may get annoyed with living with certain people xD So I’m glad it was just a weekend and I got to go back home and sleep nicely in my own bed~

Met a few new people and even found out how small the world can be! Even at a what… 80k+ attendee con?

Cosplaying this year was wonderful cause I didn’t have to worry about falling apart or missing part of my cosplay. I even finished Gee’s cosplay all nicely and packed it so nothing was missing :D

AH! Saw the Try Guys at the masquerade!! It was funny and wonderful~ Still can’t believe the group I thought would get awards… didn’t. And the groups I didn’t think would… did. But meh.

Other than that I tried doing a few shoots at the con but con shoots are always so awkward =.= Like… you get the options of fake bgs or concrete or greenery with more concrete. So I did get a few decent shots but will def be doing a proper shoot later :D

And of course pictures can be seen on my fb!


AX 13 Loot =3

 photo DSCN3105_zps32d03c10.jpg

 photo DSCN3107_zpsc54285bf.jpg

My loot! Basically….
I didn’t get a lot of time to shop around and by the 4th day they sold out of the seal plushie I wanted and the cow plushie =3= So I wasn’t very happy about that.. but Gee made a good point where if I really want it.. I can make it! So I’m not so sad about it anymore xD (Although the COW PLUSHIE! From harvest moon!!) So instead I bought artwork for my wall =3 We looked through all the rows to find a sword art online one that wasn’t mushy but instead featured and action pose. I HAD to get Yuumei’s print of painting the world your own colors because… ever since seeing it online it really inspired me to keep chasing the vision I’m trying to achieve. So… that’d definitely going on the wall where I can see it everyday. And the last piece of artwork is the Chinese feng shui hexagon thingy with wolve elements for my mother! Cause she loves that kinda stuff =3

Lastly free swag … well… kinda. from my booth xD Stickers I was passing out basically! Look look, it’s me on there xPP

Other than that I got a sketchbook as well and lots of money went to food and parking….

Alright. I got all the photos (well the ones that turned out good) edited and uploaded onto my photobucket! It’s late so I’ll get to post them up tomorrow.. but I’m making this sorta hard for people cause I’ll most likely post on my facebook page certain ones that won’t be on my photobucket (like sneak peaks =3) so yes, go on there! I’m loving the system and it’s super easy to keep in contact with people! I always thought people made fb pages for boasting but… it’s a good tool to use.

Look forward to it!



Anime Expo pictures will be updated on my cosplay blog SOON~! Will work on them tonight and tomorrow =3 It’s been a crazy past 4 days… heck even a WEEK! But… it wasn’t all in vain as I’ve loved it all =3 (okay maybe except the eye poking) SO MUCH NEWS TO TELL… but I don’t know how!! Pictures? Pictures =3


Conform dangit

 photo DSCN3091_zps74ccf48f.jpg

AHHH Making these trimmings for Asuna’s top drove me crazy today!! I spent a good few hours just tracing, cutting, tracing –> repeat for each side =.= Then I had the problem of actually fixing it on and the more difficult curvy parts didn’t want to conform T.T

But Asuna is really taking shape to the point where my sister says “ohh I see it now” instead of “that looks like a potato sack” =.=
^I never get the end of that from Gee though xDD

Other cosplayers are also getting their outfits to take shape! I’m happy! It’s so exciting to see the progress everyone makes in such a short time~ If I don’t have a lot of work to do tomorrow I’ll be set =3 But that seems unlikely since my firm just got another listing which I’ve been trying to fix and what not -.- So the time I have tomorrow isn’t looking so great for me xD

I’m looking at my line-up and I only have 2 cosplays and… normally I would feel kind of sad but… they are two solid cosplays which have a fair amount of details and pieces to it. So even though I just have 2… I like it! Me and Gee agreed that 2 is a good amount for AX especially with all the events going on. I’ve noticed having 3 makes me kinda… dissatisfied. I always feel as though one gets neglected and I think “all that work and its barely seen!!” So… 2! But 2 not-so-simple ones~<3

Oh! And in the meantime I’m catching up on anime for AX =3 Soo… I’m in the process of watching Date a Live! It’s hilarious and I love it =3 I especially love the “princess” in there and tempted to cosplay her xD But I won’t… likely won’t. Maybe the kiddish girl… her coat seems fun to make =3 Okay okay. I’ll stop. I have a long list of possible cosplays already! (And my OTHER work?! I’m driving myself crazy)


AX day 4 stuffs


My loot of the day? This pink fuzz =3
It cost me a bit but… I wanted a plushie! Ish. It actually moves and squeaks? >.>;; Its very entertaining, I wonder how annoying it’ll get. Then I also got sketchbooks (buy 1 get 2 free o.o) as well as a donut phone charm…

I love how the 4th day is always a shopping day =3 It can be good and bad, good for deals, bad that everything is GONE o.o;; So always go first and last day~ I wish I bought more from people at the artist alley, I like supporting the artists out there~

Oh right and thats it. I wish I could see the AMV winners but… argh. Went .. home?! Went home to just take a nap. omgsh… the hotel service.. was.. so… BAD. =.= Makes me have no faith in hotels anymore >.>; I’ll probably rant more on my cosplay blog… (I’m working on getting those posts up too, it’ll be up sometime this week…)