Post AX Update!


BACK FROM AX! Look at my loot!! It’s literally… two artprints :D I bought the Ahri print like… Day 1 I think. Because it was the only print that I’ve seen with Ahri’s New Dawn outfit and it looks AWESOME :D YAY. And then Day 4 Gee surprised me with the print to the right of the fawns that I’ve had as my bg for… like a year. and on the inside I was squealing cause he got me such a cute print that I kept not buying cause it’s been expensive >>

Also with the loot list is my Ahri tail, it feels like another plushie so I put it with the pile for now. Then I looked over again and it totally looks like Poro is licking the underneath of it >> hay poro haaay~ Oh and my brother bought the harvest moon bunny =3 He would tho.

So YES. This was my 10th AX I’ve been to, and it seriously has been such a ride. I’m not expecting to stop going anytime soon unless life really catches up to me xD But this year was special and I celebrated it with hoteling again with a group of friends~ It was ALOT more fun than last time I hoteled and the room was even smaller xD There was one point where I got stuck sleeping in the middle of two people and realized… I don’t like it. -,- I also realized I may get annoyed with living with certain people xD So I’m glad it was just a weekend and I got to go back home and sleep nicely in my own bed~

Met a few new people and even found out how small the world can be! Even at a what… 80k+ attendee con?

Cosplaying this year was wonderful cause I didn’t have to worry about falling apart or missing part of my cosplay. I even finished Gee’s cosplay all nicely and packed it so nothing was missing :D

AH! Saw the Try Guys at the masquerade!! It was funny and wonderful~ Still can’t believe the group I thought would get awards… didn’t. And the groups I didn’t think would… did. But meh.

Other than that I tried doing a few shoots at the con but con shoots are always so awkward =.= Like… you get the options of fake bgs or concrete or greenery with more concrete. So I did get a few decent shots but will def be doing a proper shoot later :D

And of course pictures can be seen on my fb!


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