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Working on it


I actually wore Sailor Mars for a short amount of time the first day of ALA. I wanted something small and comfy that I could easily walk around in and set up the table and explore! But by the end of the day I changed back into my normal clothes~ We actually decided to see how the pink backdrop looks for pictures so I decided to do a few poses! This was… pretty much the outcome >.>;; Just trying to do more… interesting poses now xD But the backdrop… not so pretty for photos >.> I think it’s the lines… or maybe how pink it is o.o

That’s hard btw. Kinda how I feel normally in a sense? Doing something uncomfy and having to smile like it’s just fine xD FEELS LIKE LIFE XD or well. life as of late >.> But sadness is a feeling I won’t waste anymore on situations that really shouldn’t involve me in general.

It’s kinda funny how I make revelations SO late. Like… Gee would notice something and MONTHS later I would finally go “oh you know what? ______ is messed up” and he’d go “you just realized that?” >.> YES T.T I always thought my family was just weird but…. kinda been noticing how messed up it gets. so. I know people don’t have perfect little families and what I’m struggling with is the constant bombardment of expectations that I just don’t want to meet. That and a lot of the times it’s your family that’s holding you back from your potential growth. And I haven’t really found a great solution to that yet so when I do… I’ll share it!

But for now I think… I’ll share this bubz video. Although I watch her videos only when I have time (like I binge watch he blogs of a month in one day xD) her additude and outlook on life is how I used to view mine then.. somehow got lost. And now… and now it’s coming back :D So… yea. She’s been an inspiration to me o.o And it’s wonderful to be vertically challenged with her! XDDDD (we’re short… T.T #asiangirlproblems LOL) ->

Her and Ellen. Be yourself. Be kind. Take in the positive and don’t even bother with the negative :D Now doesn’t just reading that make you happier? XD