And we expand~


More post ALA posts~ This time I’m actually writing it from my desktop! xD So I didn’t get to properly take a picture of our booth before we started… but that’s ok! We decided to take up 3 spots and just use something different.. so we opted for canvas~ The display was stable but… we already found ways to improve upon it~ Just in case next time comes around~ But we have horrible luck (as always) with our table neighbors… not gonna single anyone out but when you meet someone for the first time you generally don’t want to go complain to the head of AA just because it looks like a display is blocking your side =.= It was quite flabbergasting (for a lack of better word) to have to explain how everyone else has more sight reducing displays yet you pick on ours. But hay. It worked out cause he spot actually ended up looking better the way she did it!

So who knows how long we’ll keep this display. We’ll probably change it around more to fit individual artist needs.

I’m also sorry for complaining a bit. I was just really hoping to make some friends out of our neighbors >.> (we even offered for her to use the other side of our canvas display… she refused.)

So yes. That’s part of my adventure in the artist alley this year. It got insanely hot after people started to pack in cause it decided to rain outside T.T The heat made it so unbearable… by the time I got out of a full ballgown I was so sweaty it looked like I just ran a marathon xD


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