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mochi mochi mochi



It was green tea flavored and it was amazing~ Its mochi on the outside. A green tea mousse with red bean bits on the inside. With a green tea cake for a bottom layer. It was quite yummy, big enough that I shared with my sister and didn’t mind sharing xP Also she isn’t the greatest fan of green tea so… … more for me? I did like how they made it so you didn’t taste actual powder from the matcha. Pleasant that way~

Home has been absolutely wonderful lately. Probably the reason why I spent a good 4 hours at a Starbucks until I was summoned back to clean a really gross mess of a fridge =.= I won’t even ask why but… yea.

I’m back to job hunting too. Trying to figure out my life and right now it’s not doing everything my parents tell me xD I have a great use of time instead of JUST doing that.

Annnd… I just lsot a league game really depressingly. I was up against a diamond player =.= While we had a newbie on our team that was lvl 17. I don’t understand how that match up was remotely fair but we got eaten so bad it kind of makes me mad league let a team like that go against ours. It kinda ruins the game if the skill level is so far off >.< Although it did test my skills with syndra a little more. just a little. Had to try and predict more than I’m used to.

Anyways! No point in brooding right? Just a little rant. Maybe I’ll paly again… maybe not though. I think I should draw or do something… I’m behind on my work already T.T


Latte time!


Had a morning brunch in Hollywood! Why? mmm.. .circumstances just lead me there xDDD Gave me a chance to try out a really popular cafe there! Look! They’re known for their lattes so I got a matcha green tea one =3 And a Panini that you dip in tomato dipping sauce.. it was all so amazing *-* The boba there was also SO GOOD =3 Really.. I was amazed and that’s new for a tea enthusiast like me xD I can’t wait to go again but with… my preferred company xD

So my morning from 8 to noon was spent on that and then I took a nap … then ran off to work xD A busy day but it was good… productive! I don’t mind the mornings but I also love the nights… it’s a horrible love/hate relationship right now. Back to my 5 hours of sleep… man I hope I get a nap in tomorrow…


Planning… green tea?!

 photo 20140205_150322_zpsde388762.jpg

I was up early this morning so … I had time to kill on my phone >.> can you tell? xD I took selfies… this one was with the green tea after a cup of horrible coffee o.o I think I was biting my lip but the picture ended up looking like a regular smile and I went “eh, whatever” Cause I guess today wasn’t a great selfie day xD (yes, there is such a thing lol)

And I finished planning the cosplay out that you saw like… a few days ago. I found fabric that I can use in my pile of fabrics which made me really happy =3 I found beige for the top as well as white for the lining. Then I also have the pretty maroon color for the mid section which is absolutely perfect and I’m SO happy. I remember I got the fabric at the fashion district which was a total last minute buy and it’s actually for a skirt but…. hey, this works =3 I can’t really believe I’m going to try to make this in basically.. a week. I started it today and it looks like a potatosack =3 As always…

Looks like my work life is gonna get worse…this will be fun


Greeen Tea Cake


Sister’s birthday and we got her Green Tea Mousse Cake =3 It was yummmyy!! =3 I like it alot because I could eat so much of it and not get sweetness overload~ Plus… it helps that it looks really pretty ^^

Today was a procrastination day and what not.. people kept distracting me and I had a whole bunch of little chores to do… I barely got anything done =.= Thanks friends -.- you guys are ruining my lovely reputation.. or actually… they are just.. reinforcing my bad one lol! (aka I tend to be late… on many many things)

Let’s see… I paid for classes which … really sucks because that’s just money flying out the window for me to have loads of stress on my shoulders and what not… Anyways…. feel free to look at the cake~ wo!