mochi mochi mochi



It was green tea flavored and it was amazing~ Its mochi on the outside. A green tea mousse with red bean bits on the inside. With a green tea cake for a bottom layer. It was quite yummy, big enough that I shared with my sister and didn’t mind sharing xP Also she isn’t the greatest fan of green tea so… … more for me? I did like how they made it so you didn’t taste actual powder from the matcha. Pleasant that way~

Home has been absolutely wonderful lately. Probably the reason why I spent a good 4 hours at a Starbucks until I was summoned back to clean a really gross mess of a fridge =.= I won’t even ask why but… yea.

I’m back to job hunting too. Trying to figure out my life and right now it’s not doing everything my parents tell me xD I have a great use of time instead of JUST doing that.

Annnd… I just lsot a league game really depressingly. I was up against a diamond player =.= While we had a newbie on our team that was lvl 17. I don’t understand how that match up was remotely fair but we got eaten so bad it kind of makes me mad league let a team like that go against ours. It kinda ruins the game if the skill level is so far off >.< Although it did test my skills with syndra a little more. just a little. Had to try and predict more than I’m used to.

Anyways! No point in brooding right? Just a little rant. Maybe I’ll paly again… maybe not though. I think I should draw or do something… I’m behind on my work already T.T


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