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Pikachu production xD


Pikachu ear production!! :D

Yea I’m… don’t ask. I think I was just kinda going wonky from all the ear making o.o I normally make like 3 at a time… 2 if I’m feeling lazy. But with the influx of orders I had to make 5 o.o 5!! Did not expect it to be such a long process… >.>

So yes! I am just about done making them too =3 I really dont enjoy making the ears much anymore… trying to find a way to better streamline the process but.. we’ll see XD

Other than that… tomorrow I’m starting on cosplay work again! I’ve been slacking because of the ears and trying to catch up on TV shows >.> So I’m up to date with Once upon a Time, How to Get away with Murder, Marvel Agents of Shield, annnnd… revenge! Yea. I watch a lot >.> They’re all so good though!! T.T The time it sucks away is real… but luckily I can usually cut fabric I’ve put a pattern on or stuff ears… or even draw patterns for bows xD So I try to not make it me mindlessly just watching tv lol…

Anyways… gotta wake up early tomorrow! I HAVE TO! YOSH!