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Puppy nap time

Puppy nap time @ the office

I find it interesting how I’ve kept blogging for so long. And to be honest it’s for a pretty selfish reason of just letting my mind have a breath of air and also just to remember what I may have done on a random Wednesday in October. I’m actually quite terrible at remembering things which is why I love to write things down. I have a weekly planner because daily planners require too much page flipping and monthly calendars don’t have enough room to doodle things in. I don’t think short term nor long term but… medium I suppose. Maybe a month or so at a time. But why am I writing this? I’m not completely sure. I haven’t done much today but kind of fail at work. Get bored at work. And just want to eat snacks and go home to work on something I’m actually passionate about. I thought “why am I passionate about it?” Is it just the amount of time you put into certain things? I thought that at first. That maybe if I spent enough time doing tax I would love it. But it seems like that hasn’t worked now has it? Cause then what would this blog turn into? “It’s my money time..” instead of “it’s my fairytale time”? Then I thought… maybe it’s the same correlation with people. Some people you instantly like, some take some time to warm up to, and other you just find annoying because of one antic or another. The passion you find in people I guess? Sounds weird, keep that in the context of not-lover xD

And so I sit here at the office, sort of trying to kill time as I love to do with games but as it is the office I have a lack of there. I wrote in my journal last night but it’s all just really trying to write the things I have learned recently. I’m hoping the journal will one day remind me of what was going through my mind during this age and time. And who knows, maybe I’ll be crazy enough to have a kid and will have to seek through my journals to figure out what may be going through their minds. I also found it good to write down my feelings for people with the more important reason of why. See… I started to write in a diary/journal since… 5th grade of elementary school. At that age I was reading “the diary of ______” insert a historical girl’s name there. And I read so many of them I decided I wanted a momento to keep so maybe someone else may read it and think my life was just as interesting. Yea. I thought that at age 10? Somewhere around there. Anyways. It’s been awhile. I’ve gone through a lot of “love of my life” and “fling” of some sorts through my days. but reading back I’m able to see how one “love” differed quite so with the love I hold now. And so I always encourage people to pick up a journal. Whether daily or something more my pace like biweekly if not monthly.

Yes. I’m still going on.

Extent of this post is pretty much done though. I have not more to write but a lot more to think and god knows what more to actually do. I know I’m not the greatest writer, heck, writing actually stresses me out quite a lot. Especially if I know people will be reading this. So here I just assume no one will read it.



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