photo PinkPearlBowCharm_zps13c7e856.jpg

=3 So I made a new phone charm! I’m posting this picture up here and not as a “sale” picture because .. well.. the lighting was so bad the background was originally a pink and the pearls were baby pink… >.< If you want to see a more accurate picture… click here~ ( I swear I’m just advertising for Samsung now… but I’m not… really!! )

This seriously is my favorite charm so far =3 I’m very very happy… so I’m using it! I’m also using it to see how durable it is~ so far.. really well =3

Woke up early today… man that was hard >.< I hate sleeping with two blankets, I never want to get up the cold mornings >.< it sucks! So I tend to just say “5 more minutes” and then end up sleeping just because of the nice warmth =3

I came home late today to just be really annoyed…. it is SO messy in this room =.= and everyone refused to do anything about it. Well… I didn’t want to bother the kiddo about it cause he just got in troule for getting a D on a worksheet and a B in the class. Talk about asian parents right? xD



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