Not over … “you”

I was listening to this song and was thinking… I’d go crazy too if I wasn’t over someone. Yea. Really don’t ever want to go back to those days. I hate it when people bottle up their emotions but… at the same time… I also do the same thing o.o But I mean…. at this point in my life I also realized… there are some things in life you have to go through alone. Maybe not completely alone like going into a forest with just a knife…. but maybe going into the forest with backup not too far behind (and a rifle.. with armor.. xDD)

I got to hang out with a good old friend (which got my pouty at him >.> Which just increased his bromance with Gee I think) and he’s going on about how old he is… and as much as we probably want to sort out his life for him, we can’t xD It’s something you come to terms with yourself. But hey. It’s nice to be alone sometimes!

Did I mention I’m probably going to go to the gym alone on mondays? I think I did.. Eh. It’s just been awhile since I did that….

This song doesn’t have to just apply to a significant other… it can apply to other things too! Like school… I’m going to miss being at a university. Or food… I miss meat on fridays! (you know… Lent) and I’m just not going to be able to get over it… well. for the time being. I will eventually, just like guy jerks.

btw that guy keeps texting me. He thinks my name is spelled “nicky” it’s super annoying to me xD



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