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Color of Sakura~

So I haven’t went on a Shokotan crave for awhile… she’s been kinda… not anywhere lately o.o Okay thats not true. I see her on magazines still and there will probably be her voice in some anime sooner or later xD Anyhow! Above is.. I think its her sakurairo single..? I THINK its her newest one.. but when you search shokotan you don’t get much music. I guess thats the offset of being famous because of so many things…

Anyhow. point? Song is.. okay. Its nice bg music? I forgot I was listening to it after awhile. And I don’t like what she wears int he video >.> <.< >.< But I <3 shokotan!! =3 I still go onto her blog in class when im bored.. read some of it. lol!!

Oh here.. I remembered there was Sakura jam in the fridge that I never tried o.o So I opened it today!! It’s… sweet. A bit different tasting than other jellys. I like strawberry jelly more though.. xDD Sakura is.. okay. Its a bit watery. Not really jam-like substance on.. here’s a picture


You can actually see some sakura petals in there o.o It’s really cute. After I finish the jelly i’ll clean the jar and use it to probably hold something… hum.. who knows. Maybe pearls? That’d be cute =3 Pink and white pearls… Ohh!! IDea~

Which.. I have SO many ideas. I love that I’m taking these business classes~ I love business but.. argh. I hate it. I only like it cause I can.. make my own rules? =3

Today was a study day. I could only finish… an outline of a paper. Emails to groups. Reading half a chapter of law. Econ homework. And 80% of accounting homework. Oh. And I leveled in maplestory =3 (I only spent less than an hour on it!! >.>)

Now isn’t the sakura color so cute~? <3


I miss her!!


So on the Mitsuwa trip I forgot I took a picture of this magazine… guess who’s featured!! =3 SHOKOTAN! I miss her~ Sometimes I check up on her blog but… I guess I’ve been too busy with my own to care so much. Still <3 her though ^^

I was seriously thinking of getting the magazine just for her but… then I would’ve also gotten cosmode and then… oh… I would’ve spent so much >.>;; I guess its okay

Today was..harsh. I’m not gonna lie. I had 2 midterms which I tried cramming for. It usually works but I feel like I did bad on my econ midterm and my management one is like a… 50/50? It could go either way honestly… but I feel better about management cause I studied while working out~ Oksy not really.. I just had a… study/gym partner? xD

Ohh.. today was interesting though… I’m still trying to get Hea a date!! It’s hard… not cause she’s not awesome… it’s hard to find a good match >.> Mostly since the guys that tend to come to me are the ones that hit on me =.= I noticed its now… the guys that hit on me, I’ll talk to them… but not as much as I’d want to talk to the ones that DONT. Believe it? Hitting on me doesn’t work now =P Explain a lot…. >.>

Oh and I’m decently good at scrabble xDD


Cake + Shoko = <3

Shokotan <3

Wha I was just looking through her blog and came across this picture!
Isn’t the dress so cuuteee. I’d LOVE to have something like that…
All pink… a cupcake basically!! Whaa…

I wanna be like her one day T.T That’d be so cool~
This is by far my favorite outfit of hers…
She’s a cake! keeki~
Kirei ^-^

Yea thats the extent of my post. It was just uberly cute.


Shokotan b-day~


So SHOKOTAN’s b-day was yesterday!
Happy belated Birthday Shoko!

But anyways. Her new songs are awesome!! If I ever get a chance I want to buy her CD… gotta support~!
I envy her so much. She looks so young too! I wonder how she keeps it up…
I doubt its mostly make-up either. Cause make-up can only do so much XD

So thats just a quick post~ lol


Magic Time ^-^

Magic Time from Shoko Nakagawa 3

Magic Time from Shoko Nakagawa <3

So as you probably know… I idol Shokotan!! <3
Really… She’s like what I probably always wanted to be but can’t.
And I just look up to her so much!
Of course I probably would want to be her… but there is already a Shokotan.
But no Kimikotan! (as what Erukii calls me XD;;)

So I show this new album of hers to you now because…
someone just gave it to me!!! <3333333

Arigatou! Hontouni Arigatou!!!

Daisuki <3