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Flying off at the speed of light

Team Rocket Bows

I did so much administrative work today… trying to get it all out of the way before the lovely crafting times comes around. Cause I’ve noticed its harder for me to sit and do things at the comp than just sitting at a desk and doing some crafting work xD so I updated pages, the shop, got a trip planned out, and more importantly…. replied to as many messages and I could o.o Cause im terrible at replying back T.T I can’t wait for the day I have an assistant >.>

I finally got some new bows up! Decided to get a little more fancier with my bows and so now they have details like this~ Team rocket bows! The top is what I thought they’d wear xD the bottom two are interpreted from a team rocket pokeball I saw where the pokeball is black and white with a big fat red R on the top! I was debating on selling the winged headbands online but… actually decided against it. I might have it as a con-only item because shipping just isn’t worth :/

I also played league today since… a week ago. It’s been awhile and it felt good to play. Although I started to get a little nervous.. it happens. I play syndra a lot and the ball placement and timing is just so crucial. It’s so fun but …well.. stressful! kinda like cosplay anyways xD

Well hope you like the new bows! :D



Fully pokemon

Photo by: Vincent Arambulo

Like I said. lots of pictures from ax~ This is actually my full group that we hung out and ate…carpooled, and cosplayed with together! I let the two in the front borrow some ears (which they ended up keeping anyways…) so they could kind of match us with the whole pokemon thing we got going xD Our friend we also met last year that we stole for the SAO group =3 Its funny how AX is like a friend reunion that we never really thought would happen o.o Its quite something.

So yea. I’ve been busy. Actually sorta on schedule but I think that just got thrown out of whack because I forgot about a family reunion that takes out a full 2 days if not a good week just because of all the family that is going to be around and about. So after I go buy most of my fabric tomorrow (still praying I can!) I gotta get working and just buckle down. Don’t think. Just do xD

coffee has been such a bittersweet friend lately. I feel like im relying on caffiene a little too much so I’m gonna try to go without it for a bit… maybe go back to tea? Oh who knows.

Oh and the whole parent thing is sorta better. I told mother about the fashion show and it seems like she took it ok. Did she say congrats or how cool? Naw. But I really shouldn’t expect it xD

I took a nap today too. Man. Naps. I miss those.

NOTE: just updated my cosplay blog! Go check it out with the links on the sidebar!


Barfy cute


My my… normally I’m better with updates even before a big con o.o It’s been pretty crazy around here though so … yea. I’ve been putting stuff on my instagram and twitter though! So yea! Here’s a barfy picture of me and Gee >.>;; It was on day 4 of anime expo and I was just having fun as pichu! Plus we vamped up Gee’s ash outfit a bit so lots of people loved the pikachu hanging onto his hat xD So the picture to the left is someone that had my phone taking a picture of me getting my picture taken by Gee… yea. That’s a mouthful~ Top right is just a barfy cute selfie~ And bottom right is just a picture of us both! Yea. We got onto a list of couples who dominated AX xDDD And it’s by buzzfeed so it’s a decently legit source? Lol! I just thought it was cute~ We both saw it and went “oh geez why are we so adorable” =.= I hear some of our friends tell us how good we look together and I always go “phsshh, you’re just saying that” but after seeing the post online I go “oh.. yea I can kinda see what they mean now?”

Anyways! Anime Expo was quite fun. Didn’t do much other than shop, take pictures, get pictures taken of, and shop more~ Oh!  and talked to peoples =3 So really we only had minimal downtime when our feet were just crying out to us xD lol!

So I took today to clean and make a few bows for my inventory~ I was given some news today so …. it looks like I have a whole new set of projects on my hands! Will I be busier? Heck yea. But I’m busy with not boring work so I’m actually quite excited… more updates on it later =3


destroying, making!


Now don’t get all excited here xD Today was definitely a sewing/catching-up day. So let’s start with this picture! Top right? Can you guess? They’re part of my sylveon ear making process! It’s SUPER long.. especially longer than I was expecting so I don’t know if I’ll continue to make them…. >.<;; Even some things are just too much work for me (as much as it pains me to say that…)

Now the picture on the bottom is my bow! I ripped off all the black wings on it so I can sand the bow to it’s perfection and repaint that beast! Then I’m also redoing the wings anyways so they’ll be sturdier and look a lot smoother =3 So I’m excited~

Now the ballgown skirt on the right.. it’s actually belong to a girl that I was able to bribe over by using my mannequin xP She needed it though, ballgowns tend to be a bi*sh on your own. It’s lookin good though isn’t it? xD

So yes! A nice amount of sewing work.. planning work… relaxing time.. and sketching! Sorta a relaxing day… kinda a boring day o.o Well other than lunch with Gee~ We had lovely sushi and boba! It was both such a great discovery~~ We see each other a lot less in person but it makes the time together all the more worth it~



Red Hat


The progress of making a hat was going SO well. I mean… look at this! It’s not sewn together but it looks pretty good no? ….nope. I made so many mistakes of so many degrees that in the end it was a huge mess T.T I give props to whoever makes hats honestly. So I scratched it and am going with plan B. Now if that plan works or not? Who knows. we’ll see!! xD

Sewing has been interesting for me lately. I’m in the part where I’m switching projects after a long time and.. I’m kind of excited! I get to finally do some things that will hone my skills more and I don’t care about messing up so much because it’s mine ^^ The amount of white hairs on my head have grown so much … that I’m trying to tone down all I feel like I have to do. I don’t want to be so stressed so early on in life >.< It’s sad…

I might have more pictures of what the hat started to look like after this but that’s just embarrassing >.< I wish I had a slightly different sewing machine… it would help.