Fully pokemon

Photo by: Vincent Arambulo

Like I said. lots of pictures from ax~ This is actually my full group that we hung out and ate…carpooled, and cosplayed with together! I let the two in the front borrow some ears (which they ended up keeping anyways…) so they could kind of match us with the whole pokemon thing we got going xD Our friend we also met last year that we stole for the SAO group =3 Its funny how AX is like a friend reunion that we never really thought would happen o.o Its quite something.

So yea. I’ve been busy. Actually sorta on schedule but I think that just got thrown out of whack because I forgot about a family reunion that takes out a full 2 days if not a good week just because of all the family that is going to be around and about. So after I go buy most of my fabric tomorrow (still praying I can!) I gotta get working and just buckle down. Don’t think. Just do xD

coffee has been such a bittersweet friend lately. I feel like im relying on caffiene a little too much so I’m gonna try to go without it for a bit… maybe go back to tea? Oh who knows.

Oh and the whole parent thing is sorta better. I told mother about the fashion show and it seems like she took it ok. Did she say congrats or how cool? Naw. But I really shouldn’t expect it xD

I took a nap today too. Man. Naps. I miss those.

NOTE: just updated my cosplay blog! Go check it out with the links on the sidebar!



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