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Need a bow


:D So for birthdays in my group we tend to pick an activity and just.. go for it. So we’ve been to new places, done things like ice skating and different food places… yada yada. Wellll… for my birthday coming up we decided on archery :D Which has been on my to-try list for FOREVER. And my friend has a pretty traditional wooden bow so Gee told me to do a shrine maiden cosplay xD so here’s kikyo! Inuyasha~~~ Old school stuff man. Funny thing is … I have the fabric for it already since it’s pretty much Ahri fabric just covered up xD But I don’t know if I really want to make it just because I have the fabric..

My days have been weird so I haven’t been able to do much in terms of cosplay. Makes me sad. But I might hold off on that a bit and just make myself a new dress or something >.> Oh my sister wants a prom dress. That will be interesting o.o Get to blow other teenager’s minds away with a dress selection.. heh. hehe.



destroying, making!


Now don’t get all excited here xD Today was definitely a sewing/catching-up day. So let’s start with this picture! Top right? Can you guess? They’re part of my sylveon ear making process! It’s SUPER long.. especially longer than I was expecting so I don’t know if I’ll continue to make them…. >.<;; Even some things are just too much work for me (as much as it pains me to say that…)

Now the picture on the bottom is my bow! I ripped off all the black wings on it so I can sand the bow to it’s perfection and repaint that beast! Then I’m also redoing the wings anyways so they’ll be sturdier and look a lot smoother =3 So I’m excited~

Now the ballgown skirt on the right.. it’s actually belong to a girl that I was able to bribe over by using my mannequin xP She needed it though, ballgowns tend to be a bi*sh on your own. It’s lookin good though isn’t it? xD

So yes! A nice amount of sewing work.. planning work… relaxing time.. and sketching! Sorta a relaxing day… kinda a boring day o.o Well other than lunch with Gee~ We had lovely sushi and boba! It was both such a great discovery~~ We see each other a lot less in person but it makes the time together all the more worth it~



65% done?


AHhhI’ve been SO BUSY T.T

Between tax and cosplay work I’m really starting to go insane. Do you know what’s worse? My whole family is pretty much getting complained at from my “incompetence” in the tax field so they’re all starting to take it out on me… …. I guess that’s when complaining works xDD Okay..sorta. Doesn’t make me want to do tax anymore….. especially being complained at for something that’s NOT tax. Honestly. Who is the boss >.>;;

Anyways! As you can tell my archer outfit is really starting to take shape =3 I will have it done by tomorrow of course and hopefully will be able to find a cool new picture to show! Asuna on the other hand.. the re-make isn’t going well with the lack of time. It makes me really sad T.T But oh well.

I don’t have much to update now but… hopefully I’ll be able to get some updates in during my breaks tomorrow =3 Looks hectic to be honest… but I’m trying my best to suck it up and just be productive. Also trying not to feel so.. alone :/ At least I have kiddos around always asking about cosplay stuff. It makes it kinda cool cause I try to reply back in a way to educate them. And it’s been getting good responses so far… like… they asked what thermopastic was and what the difference was between gesso and regular paint. They know what acrylic paint is as well! I forget how much I actually have learned on this cosplay journey xD It’s very satisfying to see the kids helping me on their own (like actually asking to help too) It makes me want an apprentice xDD I don’t think I’m that good though >.>;;



Drafting wing!

 photo 20140102_155333_zps06377017.jpg

Ah… another day … another complaint xD

Honestly I don’t tell a fraction of my complaints on here because… well complaining doesn’t get you anywhere. I do like to rant a lot and I apologize to Gee for having to hear it. I really try to absorb it and bounce it back somewhere else (like rock music and cosplay) but sometimes that doesn’t work. But like everyone else, I have my good days and bad days xD

With that… I woke up this morning to make myself lunch/breakfast. This is after the most relaxing shower I’ve taken in awhile, it felt so nice *-* Ever had one of those? They’re lovely. I really wish I had a full on bath tub cause that would be amazzziinnggg. I think I’ve said that before…

Tax is really killing me T.T And every time I rant to Gee I can tell he gets annoyed xD And I see why… IM getting annoyed of my own ranting! Believe that? xD IT happens… but honestly. I’m ranting about the same things over and over again…. and Gee knows I’m just doing this for the sake of my parents. But honestly I’d rather be designing, cosplaying, making, touring cons! It’s crazy isn’t it? Yea I’ll have to live on ramen for awhile but… I’ll do it. So basically I’m just thinking of a way to get past the next 4 months of this… while staying sane. Sanity… please. xD All I can think about is my next cosplay.. my next design! — I did design something today too =3 

Oh so yea. The picture! I did the rest (almost) of the prop pieces today! I need to get the kids on the paper mache but I have to set it all up and it doesnt seem like my parents want me to have time… or a life. They’re taking up my friday >.> I need to go out. pls.

Okay.. slightly going stir crazy.


Winging it xP

 photo 20140102_003548_zps281e9eda.jpg

Yes! I’ve been winging it~ xD So it was about.. 11 by the time I was able to escape some tax stuff and run off to do some cosplay work! And I’m trying to get all the armor pieces done first so I can get the kids to help me with gesso and painting! So today I wanted to finish the archer quiver part thats on her leg and… I didn’t actually plan it to be honest xD So I… winged it!! I just got a rough shape on some scrap paper… them transffered it onto foam… added the leeway on the sides for the depth of the quiver and done! It was quite an easy process and im quite proud of myself that I was able to pretty much figure it out without trying it all out on paper first… just trust in your own skill =3 Oh and the top flap is actually folded over cause the reference picture actually… has it like that!

So yea… I actually woke up at 130pm just because I had a lot of weird adventure dreams last night and every time I have dreams at night I wake up tired… probably from less actual nice sleep xD So I was really surprised waking up and going “oh shiiiii—” and of course mother nagged at me >.>

Honestly my days have been tax -> cosplay -> tax -> caffeine -> cosplay. xD  It’s been lovely… even the kiddo is yelling at me for procrastinating so much lol!!

And happy new year! I love that I spent it in PJs all day just being productive with LOTS of sweets =3