So I think I’ll just rant~

I have my cosplay things kind of set at the moment. for Tuesday-Friday I work on table/store stuff and Sunday-monday I work on my main cosplay things. I have two full cosplays to finish in 5 weeks with an addition to fully stocking up my store with new products as well as replenishing existing ones. I’m also in the process of finding a way to kickstart up my store with a specific product. Still working on what I want that product to be. But I already have in mind some partners and hopefully I can gather some friends in the business world of selling homemade items ^^ So I don’t care if some people may think I do nothing… I get commission requests left and right. It’s kinda crazy and I should jump on that.. really. But the HR field is also waiting for me and I think a normal job might be good experience… THEN I can run off to my own stuff lol!

So the oppa? I dunno. I watched gangnam style recently lol! and I saw the crappy Fox News report of it and got really irritated at the .. well… white old guys. =.= xD

But other than that.. im enjoying watching the mama awards live online righ tnow… SO FUN =3



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