Kirito <3


Okay we’re gonna get a little personal here. See this lovely lock screen background for my phone? It’s actually really nicely placed because if you can tell… in the middle of his hand it looks like he’s “holding” the text message bubble xD So everytime anyone texts me (which it’s normally Gee anyways… or shopping stuff) it shows up this this =3 I think it’s so adorable so it’s probably gonna stay like this for awhile… but it’s really bad for me because everytime I see Kirito (From Sword Art Online if you’re lost at this point) I kinda squeal inside xD Why? How can you not like Kirito?! Plus it’s bad I can picture the cosplay being played out by Gee >.> And minus the long hair cause he refuses to wear a wig. I don’t understand what it is with guys and wigs. They hate them xD Unlike girls where we are like “Wooo!! Not my hair!” xD For the most part I think.. I still think wigs are annoying but I’ll wear them xD lol! Which reminds me.. I have to buy my wig SOOON. ALA is coming up in a little bit more than a month but IM SO BEHIND T.T It’s crazy. It’s sad!! Okay. I should stop playing Sims. I won’t play longer than an hour now >.> Yea. Sounds good!



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