Just catch my breath~

I’ve been loving this song but instead of putting up Kelly Clarkson’s actual video.. I decided to deviate a little because it’s likely you’ve heard the song before.. if not. Well go listen to it? xD Well I found this cover and I thought it was pretty good I mean.. the girl’s voice got a bit iffy for me a bit at times but… I mean I like that they did it.. well. xD

Anyways. This song just makes me kinda wanna dance kinda awkwardly… >.>;; Yea. Please don’t ever watch me dance xD Unless it’s from like Just Dance or Dance Central. Cause I’m not gonna lie.. I beat everyone in the house at that =3 Okay maybe except at Gangnam Style >.> Oppa should go easier on me lol! xD
I hate it when I like a song and I just keep playing it over and over >.> I know I’ll get sick of it and I want to avoid it but… ugh. I just can’t stop myself T.T (though I have to admit I like the original more~)

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