Collared shirts


Decided to dress pretty…. “asian” today xD So I made use of the new dress shirt I bought from Black Friday which is oddly a little bit too big even though I remember making my sister try it on… (she’s around the same size as me). Then I also got to use my greyish tights for the first time, I seriously LOVE these tights  Like.. they are so fuzzy and warm on the inside =3 plus it doesn’t go sheer/opaque at all around my thighs so I’m really glad =3 It was really fun this morning trying to find new ways to incorporate the new clothing into my wardrobe~ You have no idea how thrilled I am when I find a new combo that works really well.

Though… Gee didn’t really love it >.> See… that makes me a bit…. disappointed. Why NOT like it?! I think he just wants to be the one wearing the collared shirts. But comon, I’m a business person >.> They’re my life~ Not to mention if he doesn’t wear them I will!

Yea… school… ah. Was looking through cosplay stuff during class… that was probably a bad idea but I was falling asleep >.< Tomorrow isn’t going to be much better with an exam AND paper due. Oh not to mention 2 due next week. Thrilling no? I think I keep mentioning them… probably because I don’t want to forget xD

Still don’t like wearing tights… but they’re appropriate for the season xD PLUS, I can wear as many skirts as I want with them… no matter how short really xD (I guess there IS a limit.. none of my skirts hit that >.> sometimes.)



One thought on “Collared shirts

  1. that outfit looks good on you.I dont understand what gee has with not loving it, but well the most important thing is that you love it ,because you are the one wearing it :)

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