So we were looking for a Michaels today and it is dark because it’s been raining a lot today. I really hate the rain. Really. But I don’t at the same time because I want to just sit in it and sulk for the most part xD Anyways. Back to the story. We were driving and I see this big red “ich” shining and I’m like “HEy look, it’s ich!!” And Gee’s giving me the “wth” look until he seeing, says “that’s Michaels -.- ” then proceeds to make some sharp turn to get into it xDD

Yea… my day was mainly shopping I think.Went to find gifts for people!! yay!! I kinda have things in mind but… ugh. It’s so hard to find gifts T.T

Anyways… I’m tired from all the day’s activities… I think I’ll go sleep and plan otu a really long day for tomorrow!!



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