Archive | August 18, 2009


So this is just a random pic off google xD
But I went car shopping and what not today.
That was actually my whole day basically..
Looked over prices.
Compared cars.
Went out to look for them.

Which I didn’t like that we drove 30 minutes away and there were only 5 prius’ left. Rawr.
I want my selection!
I only need the basic… navi, smart key, silver. See? Basic. xDDD
I’m actually quite picky.
And I dislike how there isn’t a selection for me.
So I have to wait a few weeks until they get them stocked again or when there is better financing for them.
Hopefully that’s soon..

I only get my own car because my dad needs his for work. My mom needs her for my dad’s work. And my brother, well you know sibilings… don’t wanna share xD

So hopefully I get a car soon. After I get it though… my mom is gonna make me WORK! Rawr. And she has an excuse to make me to.
More motivation? Sure. xD