Archive | August 14, 2009

Miku Ideas

So since I’m still trying to make the most of that $60 Miku wig… I decided it’s time to start on a new Miku cosplay!
Yea I should probably redo the first… but knowing me I won’t! Why go back to fix the past if it’s acceptable. I’ll just make a better future xD

So here are the nominee’s? I already have a feeling which ones people will pick… but I’ll give choices anyhow xD


The pink one on the right. No not the bunny suit or that other one xD

Swimsuit Miku… lol

Black Shooter Miku(?) It just looks awesome.

The Princess one int he middle. Though if I could.. I’d love to try the one on the right!

The one in the middle. Though unlikely to actually make. Still awesomly cool

Wedding miku in the middle! Though probably with the two pig tails~

So those are it… At least the interesting ones I found from the DIVA project.
I saw some Pv’s and they are really awesome ones in there too. So I may change my mind. Nothing set yet!


Day + a bday


Yes another pic of my rei outfit~
Finished all the sewing for it! Yay ^-^
Now I’m taking a break before starting off Mikuru.

But anyways. Today was.. meh. Woke up. Drove my mom around.
La la la la la.
Saw some cars. Meh.
My mom is scared of my driving. I don’t see why. xD
Ate some pizza. Churros are good!
Oh! Picked out the frame for my glasses. My om wouldn’t let me get black >.> So I got brown. They’ll come in about a week.
Watched some anime.
That’s about it. I need to get out more…

On the other hand. Some guy just added me on fb that has the same bday as me. I haven’t found a girl that has the same bday xD andd…

Happy Birthday Kasuki~
Sorry I couldn’t go to Disney with you T.T;;
But we’ll hang later and I’ll find a present for you xD