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Attention crown

How do you get someoneone’s attention..?
Dress nicer?
Always in the same place?
Bat your eyelashes and smile?

I mean how hard can it be right? Just to say ‘look at me! I’m here’
And that is just my deliema… maybe I’m not seen.
Or I’m not letting myself be seen.
I need to break out of my shell.
And I believe now I can.
Though of course it’ll take time…

But anyways!

You know you like the picture.
I’ve been…such a fan of crowns lately..
Like… omgsh.
Out shopping with Kasu we found so many little ones around and I wish I had the money to buy them all.
When I get my car you’ll know which one is mine..
Oh you will xD
Though the huge crowns are kinda bleh.

Just call me royalty xP




Yes.. I am now royal xDD I seriously love this necklace~
I just wanan wear it around regularly. I do!
But i’ve been wearing my cake necklace around~ Cause comon.. its cake!

So yesterday I went around with my mom for some really quick shopping at the mall. Found cute white pants! None in my size T.T
So I ended up not getting anything. But thats normal. It’s hard for me to find clothes >.< Also im so picky. If anyone has been shopping with me xD
But I did see this adorable teal blouse! It was ruffly and had a cute bow on it~ I could totally see myself wearing that to school or just out~
Yea I didn’t get it. But I did take a picture!
Cause it inspired me to make a dress. So now imma just use some crap fabric to make a dress. I say the time for me to make it.. hopefully no longer than 5 hours.

But we’ll see~ My goal is to finish it today! I hope I can…
Most likely some pictures up tomrrow!