Archive | August 3, 2009

pink puff


Cute? I know!!
The pink puff ball can be a hold stand holder xD I had it attatched to my phone for awhile. But then had to take it off because it was getting too hard to take out of my bag xD I’ll have the pink puff ball on there now and then though~
I added my gems to the front. Just for the heck of it. You can see a few came off already. That’s fine with me. I didnt actually glue them xD I got lazy.
It makes my phone look so much prettier now.. lol

I told myself yesterday AND today I’ll do some sewing. But I seriously don’t like to make things unless I have a full plan.

So it’s quite annoying me. That I can’t sew anything. I seriously still want a manniquin xD it would be so helpful… I’ve already spent so much cosplaying… and I don’t think i’ll stop anytime soon. xD It doesn’t hurt to do some commissions too. Maybe. Maybe.
Since it may hurt xD

Who knows! I want a new dress though. Maybe I’ll just sew it xD