Archive | August 13, 2009

Cold sore!

4 of them.

Good thing they arn’t cold sores!
They are canker sores~
which I have the urge to spell it out as Kenker sores…
Not fun.
I won’t be laughing for awhile xD
But I can lol? xD


Basically done! Rei~


Finally finished Rei’s outfit… ALMOST!
I need the chain. And shoes. But that’s it~
So the skirt is done. Shirt, done!
I will um… touch up on it more.
Like cut all the threads and clean it up. Nothing big you know.
I don’t like how it shows my belly button xD
Hence the stances in the pic. I needa do something about it…
Maybe move the skirt up more? =P
I’ll see later!

The shirt when I first put on the black ribbons~ Yea im wearing a tanktop underneath xD

Look for the finished product soon! If im not lazy xD