The loot I didn’t get


The craziness that comes with bookstores.. like seriously. So we went to kinukuniya (uh I think that’s spelled right? Its late and I’m tired lol!) And guess what we found?!?! KAMUI’S BOOKS! IN WRAP. AND $20! I found this quite amazing… and it makes me want to work harder! And another thing I found was a bow/ribbon wax sealing stamp! Yea. Like in the old days~ Except… now comes with pink pearly wax =3 Which I FULLY approve of~ I’m low on money from my fabric spree so… I couldn’t buy it this time >.< but NEXT TIME! Or… whenever I may encounter it again. Why? who knows. but if I could get a custom one of my logo… that would be amazing~

Fabric horde

Now for my fabric horde! I came home with 26 yards of fabric and then some leather pieces for under…. $50. And that’s a really great deal. I didn’t pay more than $2 for any yard of fabric! And those leather piles? Got lucky and they were only $5 each =3 So this pile will end up making the base and some extra details on a total of 4 cosplays I have planned! Yep. And can’t flake out on them either especially since I really want to make them all!! <3

In the process of washing all the fabrics though. Something about buying downtown makes me weary and I must wash them before sewing. I used to not but… then I realized all the fabric has dust particles of whatever the warehouse had. And I figured I like working with clean fabric that I don’t mind rolling around in! (plus its just beneficial to your health anyways)

Well. I did nothing today for the most part. It was REALLY hot here and I woke up early to brunch so… my day seems long and was very tiring >.< I shall play some league and sleep!


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