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Hi!!! :D Say hello to my new little friend… TOOTHLESS :D He’s adorably stuffed and has a slightly derpy face but that’s what makes him cute~ Here we are posing… That’s me in the back, him in the front, and those hands belongs to the very nice guy who stuffed him with.. love? lol!!

So I really wasn’t expecting anything at all.. which is why when I saw the build-a-bear box in the passenger seat of his car I kinda passed it off as him just being weird. Honestly I thought HE got it as a gift like.. from someone else. But then he said it was for me and I went O.O And it was TOOTHLESS~~ <3 He’s my White day gift which is adorable since every white day we never had chocolate…. (which your suppose to) xDD Doesn’t mean we didn’t have sweets though! :D He’s also partly Anni gift which is awesome and I felt a little bad since I only brought him food… Well. I brought food just cause the heck of it so … yea >.>;;

I do think it’s super adorable how he got my his favorite character…. which I was thinking about it as it’s a lot more adorable than if he was to get me something I only really liked. Cause if it was flipped I’d never want to give him toothless if I loved him that much >.> But at the same time I would want to cause …yea. o.o Kinda like how I gave him waifu and I kept senpai xD (I really did want waifu too LOL “too” as in both >>)

So yes. We had a nice day to catch up with a few different people and got boba and art supplies! it was wonderful and absolutely the best =3