New corset … idea.


Well~ I’ve been working on a full corset recently. It’s taking a little longer than expected… a few days now (partially.. ok mainly because of starcraft 2) but so far I’ve gotten a lot more progress on it. Not all the lines are in yet though… making it all a little different from the last ones I’ve made. It’s a learning and working process for sure. I’m trying to take as many pictures as I can just to keep it as a reference and hopefully find photos and see if I can make a guide out of it!

On another note… this week is gonna be weird. Can’t say much of that yet. And Bulba finally got all her shots! Minus one but it’s… not making her unable to go out for walks. So I’m happy~ She’s a little trooper~

I want to finish this cosplay this week just so I can get some pictures sometime at the end of the week. I dunno if I’ll be able to make it in time but.. I’ll try! :D



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