What Hiatus >.>

If people still read my blog entries here… well you’re awesome. Since I’ve been kinda MIA for the past few.. what. months?! Anyways… it’s been because of the Collection for Hanadoki Con (which you can see on the FB) and because of… PATREON :D YAY!

DA PAtreon Snippet

THIS is what I’ve been racking my brain up for the past month or so since the show. It’s been on my mind for the past FEW months and I’ve finally finished the page (give and take the video I’ll probably do) But it’s JUST starting and I’m so happy I finally had the nerve to put myself out there. I haven’t seen any other kinda of sewist/cosplayer/designer do this yet but I just hope no one kinda hates me for me >.> But I figured its no different than me making a book of tutorials/patterns or people putting the info in a magazine… instead I’m putting it all on the web! Bulk of this means that part of my work will be only for my patreon supporters but in terms of my work it’ll be 70% public 30% patreon only supporters. So you’ll still see all the major things that come out as well as tutorials/patterns just.. not everything.

Ok I rambled a bit there… just slightly worried of backlash >.>

Anyways! YEA! I’m excited. So excited. Looking forward and doing what I won’t regret~ And tax season is almost over soo… heh. =3 I get to take a mini vaca for not really doing much but SO WHAT. I deserve it too anyways >.>


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